Fashion Revolution – Who made my bra?

Have you ever thought about who made your bra and what their working conditions are like?

An Anita or Rosa Faia bra undergoes dozens of work steps and work areas before it gets sold. All our products are developed by ANITA in Germany and are produced almost exclusively in the company’s own facilities. Around 1,700 staff are employed at the production locations in Germany, Austria, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Asia and in subsidiaries worldwide.

Our ANITA production facilities operate to highest European quality standards – and that around the world, including Thailand and Myanmar. ANITA is a 100% family-owned and operated company. That is why we fee personally responsible for every one of our employees – also in Thailand and Myanmar. Respect for workers is part of the general attitude and business philosophy of the ANITA owner family Weber-Unger.

The organisation Fashion Revolution promotes more transparency in the fashion industry under the motto "Who made my clothes?". As manufacturer, we are happy to allow a glimpse behind the scenes in our own facilities to support the objectives of Fashion Revolution.

"I and my colleagues like to create a perfect fit and quality"

"I like the variety my job has to offer and the friendly atmosphere at the company"

Transparent Production

ANITA Manufacturing

Everything at ANITA – with very few exceptions – from the initial sketch to the finished product comes from a single location...

ANITA Production

ANITA operates all production companies in compliance with European standards and with its own management personnel...

ANITA Locations

The family-owned and operated company  ANITA employs more than 1,700 people in 7 production facilities and 20 group companies worldwide...