ANITA Women's Trail

"Higher, faster, further is not always the goal"


The ANITA Women's Trail 2017 followed the motto: "Better Together" where the main goal was to share the joy of field running                                                  
During the three-day-event the runners were taking on three races, as beautiful as challenging trails around Lake Zell.

Another highlight were the recreation activities where all participants took time to recharge their batteries: a barbecue get-together party on Friday, followed by a gala dinner on Saturday night and a subsequent casino visit. 


The program also included expert advice, wellness, massages, yoga and a final brunch on Sunday.

"Ladies, there is still a lot to improve"

As the title sponsor Anita active was represented by sports expert Christina Gerg who gave expert advised regarding the choice of sports bras after and in-between the races. Christina's statement after the event: "There is still a lot of work to be done in the field of counseling, but many women - whether small or big - still run without a sports bra.

Since the breast may bounce up to 9cm per step; this is a nightmare for every connective tissue." For this reason ANITA has set the goal to not only participate in sporting events for ladies but also to educate women around this sensitive issue.