Anita Care Partnership

Hereditary breast cancer could be responsible for up to 10% of breast cancers however awareness of this is still very low amongst women worldwide despite some high profile celebrities like Angelina Jolie having preventative surgery themselves. 

Wendy Watson was the first woman in the UK who consciously decided for a precautionary operation to prevent potential cancer affections. After her surgery, she founded the National Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline, a hotline for the elucidation of hereditary breast cancer. 

Her daughter Becky Measures went on to also have surgery as she too tested positive for the faulty gene. 

Mother and daughter run the hotline together.

Make One Person Aware – sharpening public awareness for hereditary breast cancer

Anita care, manufacturer of underwear and swimwear for women affected with breast cancer, cooperates with the National Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline (NHBCH) to launch a diary journal.

The journal is intended to help women with whom the genetic defect has newly been diagnosed.

The diary shall support and spread courage, but also provides opportunity to track ones' individual path of decision-making and thus help to process the diagnosis of a genetic defect.

A diary about brave women

The diary with touching stories of twelve women is due to appear in October during "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" to raise awareness for the risk of hereditary breast cancer.

Awareness for the BRCA gene and other gene mutations which trigger breast cancer is vital since many tragic breast cancer cases may be prevented through precautionary intervention.

The journal features pictures of affected women photographed at the ANITA Headquarters in Brannenburg and the logistics centre in Kufstein, as well as blank pages for the owner to record their own story. 

We are full of admiration for these brave women who serve as inspiration for all of us. The high risk that many women are living with is statistically proven and cannot be denied. Therefore it is crucial to inform women about this choice. We at Anita are proud to be able to support such a valuable charity with our commitment. The National Hereditary Breast Cancers Helpline is vital to many shocked, frightened and vulnerable women, and we are honoured to support them in their work.