Employee fundraise

Humanitarian organizations need support and donations. It does not always need a large-scale donation campaign, but it’s also the smaller donations that make a change. 

The ANITA employees at the German head office took the opportunity give away sun visors in order to raise donations for the "Medical Intervention Team".

The idea to hand out sun visors to all employees in order to prevent overheated cars originates from the internal idea pool, where employees can hand in their suggestions for making Anita an even better workplace. Several employees had the idea to take the free give away as a reason to voluntarily call for charitable donations: at the pickup station for the sun visors a donations box for "Medical Intervention Team e.V." was set up for the employees to give whatever amount they wanted. 

Help for children in need

The Medical Intervention Team is a non-profit organization, which was founded in 2009 by plastic surgeon Dr. med. Julia Berkei and ENT physician Dr. med. Barun Sarkar.Experienced doctors from various medical fields have joined the organization to support people in need free of charge in developing countries.

At the Ayudana Hospital, in Sgaing Hills, Myanmar, the medical team is mainly concerned with children with congenital malformations and the consequences of burns. The small yet simple clinic is cared for by local monks who are integrated into a Buddhist monastery complex.

Production site in Myanmar

The ANITA employees collected more than €570 throughout their summer campaign. "We are pleased our small contribution support affected children in Myanmar and ensures that they can be helped," said Bianca Runge, co-organizer of the fundraising campaign. "One of our ANITA production sites is located in Myanmar. This is also why we have a strong  connection with the country. "