Big cups - lingerie & swimwear

The Selma big cup bra features supporting underwire, adorable lace and the perfect fit up to cup size J.

Fashionable big cup lingerie and swimwear

Discover lingerie and swimwear with large cup sizes, the perfect fit and great support, from an underbust measurement of 65 cm.

“Many suppliers offer B and C cups. Very small or large cups are much more difficult. We have been dealing with large cup sizes for decades and acquired a lot of specialist knowledge in this area.”

Georg Weber-Unger Sen., owner and bra expert


5 myths about big busts

Big-busted women can't exercise? Not true! Five myths you can safely ignore if you have a large bust:

Myth 1 - “You can only get ugly granny stuff in large sizes”

If you think that bras in large sizes are only available with wide, thick straps and unattractive shapes, you are mistaken. Wide straps take the strain off your back and shoulders. But if a bra fits well, the cup and the back section should support most of the weight of the breast.

Lingerie with breast support between the cups and sturdy material at the back provides a good hold and feels soft on the skin.


Myth 2 - “There are no strapless bras for women with a large bust” 

Wrong! As explained in Myth 1, it’s not all down to the straps when it comes to size. The multi-functional Padded Basic by Rosa Faia can be worn without straps up to cup size G, thanks to sturdy staves in the sides and a firm cup.  

Myth 3 - “No exercise if you have a large bosom”

There’s no holding large breasts back during jogging or riding with all that “up and down”? In the category of ‘maximum support’ sports bras - bras that provide sufficient support during high intensity exercise - you can now find sizes up to H cup. This means that everything will stay where it belongs during sports.

Myth 4 - “Beach visits wearing a bikini are torture”

You don’t enjoy going to a beach, lake or  outdoor swimming pool because you’re constantly worried that, with a full bosom, something may slip? The solution: Swimwear specifically with big cups - models offering the required support and enveloping your bosom beautifully.   

Myth 5 - “Unusual: breasts of different sizes”

It’s completely normal if your breasts are not entirely symmetrical or of equal size. And let's not forget that "the girls" change all the time during the menstrual cycle and for other reasons, like during pregnancy

Are you really wearing the right bra size?

We wear it daily, up to 17 hours sometimes. It is our loyal companion that supports us, relieves pressure and emphasises our best assets.

But just between us: Are you always honest about your cup size? Women with a small bust size often choose a larger cup and women with a large bosom think that a smaller cup size can conceal their bust.

Get measured at a specialist retailer

But wait! That’s not a good idea. The wrong bra size can cause significant health problems, such as chronic neck or back pain. That is why you should have your size measured accurately and obtain comprehensive advice when buying underwear, and not just once. After all, our breasts keep changing over time.

Working out your bra size by yourself

Using our size calculator, a tape measure and a friend , it’ll be easy to find your perfect bra size and a suitable bra up to cup size J.


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