Big Cup swimwear

Bikinis, tankinis and swimsuits for busty women

Well presented - our Big Cup swimsuits, tankinis and bikinis will have you looking gorgeous! Choose your favourite style!

With or without underwire, in striking colours and patterns or in a single colour for a more classic look. The Big Cup swimwear by Anita and Rosa Faia offers excellent support and function.


New Big Cup bikinis

A huge variety of prints - fresh colours - flattering cuts


Design & function

Fashionable swimwear with the perfect fit


“At Anita and Rosa Faia, the toughest task we have is to combine perfect fit and ideal support up to large cups and sizes with an attractive and  sexy design. That means a new challenge each and every day!”


Christina, swimwear designer




Bra-sized swimwear - find the right bikini size

Use the international size chart to get an overview

Finding swimwear in large sizes isn’t easy. Manufacturers often label their bikinis, tankinis and swimsuits with the universal sizes S, M, L etc. But which bikini size do I chose for cup 75H?

A large bust, but small underbust measurement - do you find a size L fits your bust just right, but your petite frame fits better into a size S? Does that mean you just go straight for a size M? It is very easy to figure out if you know your exact lingerie measurements. The cup sizes from A  to I are the same and the underbust measurements from 65 to 105 cm are converted to the familiar sizes 36 - 50. 


Busty on the beach

Depending on how you feel about your bust, you can either emphasise or downplay your size.

After all: A bikini, tankini or swimsuit shouldn't just be comfortable - you also have to feel good wearing it. Right on cue for summer, here are some tips on how to properly emphasize your bust and some common mistakes you should avoid.

When shopping for your new beach favourite, make sure you choose a style that properly supports your bust.

You want to avoid embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions and the straps should not cause any pain. Try everything on to make sure you have the right size. Don't forget: A big bust needs good support .

Many women with smaller breasts want bigger ones, but lots of busty women feel uncomfortable about their size as well - especially on the beach, when there is nothing but a little fabric hiding their assets.

There is no reason for you to hide when your friends go to the public pool or enjoy sunbathing at the lake! We have some great tips for you on how to make a big bust look smaller.

Vertical instead of horizontal

Vertical lines and patterns let the torso appear longer and more slender. We use vertical stripes, zips or seams to create that effect. Darker colours with delicate patterns make a big bust appear smaller. Avoid glossy materials when choosing a one-piece or two-piece, because these fabrics tend to exaggerate little problem areas.


Beach accessories to round off your look 

Pareos, tunics and blouses with cheerful patterns and fresh colours not only take the focus off your cleavage, but can also be worn directly over your swimwear. Beachwear accessories by Rosa Faia and Anita stand out for their figure-enhancing, detailed cuts.

They are practical and hide little problem areas!

Support is everything 

The Anita and Rosa Faia swimwear styles with Special Big Cup Support were designed specifically for big cups.

They offer the support you want and shape a gorgeous cleavage. These styles come with wide shoulder straps to make sure that your new bikini, tankini or swimsuit are comfortable and there will be no strain on your shoulders.

You have a big bust, but don't want to miss out on those sexy triangle bikinis or bandeau tops?

You just have to make sure that your breast is properly supported by an underwire and a wide bridge between the cups and that there are stays worked into the sides . A nice cleavage is a great eye-catcher when you are sunbathing or swimming.

Swimwear with bold patterns, bright colours and pretty details in the bust area are just the ticket if you are busty and proud!

Bikini body test - Which body type am I and what suits my shape?

Every woman is unique and so is her figure. But which cut fits best? The test result will tell you which style is best for a busty figure.

Which statements apply to you?


(a) Shapeless tops really emphasise my bust, particularly in tight jeans.

(b) Almost all trends and designs are possible.

(c) A-line dresses don't look good on me.

Lower body

(a) My legs are very  long, slender and thin.

(b) The happy medium: My legs are not too thin or too heavy.

(c) My hips and legs are more on the heavy side.       


(a) My weight doesn't fluctuate much.

(b) When I give in to cravings, I quickly put on weight, but then lose it again in the right places.

(c) It’s difficult for me to lose weight in the right places when I’m on a diet.

Overall proportions

(a) I have quite a large bosom but am generally slim. My legs are very slender.

(b) Curves where they belong: I have a full bosom and a nice, round bum.

(c) Wide hips, wide shoulders, a big bust, not much waist.

Mainly (a)

The V-type has a big bust, narrow hips and long, slender legs. Good support is  key for this body type. We want you to feel like a million dollars in your beachwear! Your best choice will have moulded cups, wide straps and a wide bridge between the breasts. Highlight your assets with patterned bottoms. And if you want to make your bust look a little smaller, we recommend tops with dark, single colours.

Mainly (b)

If you have a very slim waist, large bust and hips and shoulders of similar width, your figure is categorised as X type or hour glass silhouette.
You are the lucky one that will look great in virtually any well-fitting bikini or swimsuit! Take your pick of cheeky, bright colours and draw attention to your slim waist with a loosely tied pareo

Mainly (c)

The H type has shoulders and hips of similar width and not much of a waist. This body type is best emphasised with diagonal colour stripes or pattern that add movement to the waist.
Rely on eye-catchers like buckles or decorative rings as well as skilfully applied gathered sections around the neckline and waist. They create a slimming effect and your whole silhouette will look smaller. Tankinis or swimsuits with a diagonal pattern are also perfect for you.


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