VELVETY breast prostheses

VELVETY breast prostheses

Two prostheses that suit all your needs

Matriarch, friend or boss – women take on many roles during the course of the day. There are a lot of things to think about, and the right breast prosthesis should not be one of them.

ANITA made this possible when developing the VELVETY full and partial prosthesis. Prostheses that offer perfect support wherever, whenever and that can be worn in virtually any type of bra because of their modified basic shape. 

During the morning meeting at the office, sprinting to the train on the way home and spending time with friends in the evening - Velvety is always there. The velvety touch and pleasant texture on the back ensure excellent comfort and makes the wearer forget that they are wearing a prosthesis.

Anita care Vollprothese Velvety

VELVETY 1066X full prosthesis

  1. Balancing out after an operation
  2. The reduced contact area is perfect for low cleavage bras
  3. Balancing out any unevenness and scars
  4. if you tend to sweat a lot
  5. for heavy breasts
  6. for lymph oedema
  7. for exercising
Anita care Teilprothese Velvety

VELVETY 1067X LiteShell partial prosthesis

  1. Balancing of the breasts after partial mastectomy
  2. The reduced contact area is perfect for low cleavage bras
  3. if you tend to sweat a lot
  4. Full underbust for a more balanced look for partially removed breast tissue
  5. for lymph oedema
  6. for exercising

Silky smooth like my skin

What makes the new VELVETY breast prosthesis by Anita care so special?

Can be worn in different ways

The modified basic shape ensures that VELVETY prostheses can be worn in modern bra designs and styles.

Soft Touch

The particularly soft surface lies smoothly on the skin, it’s gentle on sensitive scar tissue and ensures a very natural touch.

Cup depth

The improved fit ensures a natural look with larger cups and sizes, too.

Soft, structured back

The small contact area with the skin ensures perfect air circulation and temperature balance and therefore maximum comfort.

Wonderful mastectomy bras by Anita care

The right specialist bra for every woman to suit her preferences and style. 

Lace update for the specialist bra


Not only does the bandeau top from the Fleur series give you peace of mind and make you feel more feminine, but is also a real eye-catcher to wear under a transparent blouse or with low-cut dresses and tops. 

Special clips can be attached to the bra strap without problems and, depending on preference, adjusted to show more or less cleavage.

The Anita care TriProVita system

All-round treatment from one supplier. 

The world of Anita Breast Care

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Based on many years’ experience as well as working with affected women, Anita is an expert in the area of breast care.

In our Breast Care Blog, you can find out everything about breast cancer screening and aftercare, new Anita care products and stories from affected women. 


Velvety -

smooth like my skin