Lingerie News 2020

The new collection by Anita and Rosa Faia features a perfect fit and gorgeous bra styles

The new collection


Classic, versatile and modern.
Discover our new lingerie and activewear in trendy colours and sophisticated cuts.

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Underwear & Lingerie

Anita since 1886 & Rosa Faia

Frau trägt schwarzen Balconnet-BH Antonia von Rosa Faia


Antonia series

Sensual lingerie with a touch of dolce vita: The new Antonia lingerie series by Rosa Faia.

Frau trägt bügellosen Soft-BH Selena von Rosa Faia


Selena Series

Delicate lace lingerie for every day: the new Selena series combines a modern look with extra soft comfort.

Frau trägt rosa Spitzen-Top über Bügel-BH Fleur von Rosa Faia


The Fleur series

Fresh, cheeky & feminine: The classy lace look with romantic appeal in Rose Violet.

Frau trägt rosa Bügel-BH mit Schale Josephine von Rosa Faia


The Josephine series

Delightfully delicate: The bras and briefs from the Josephine series are feminine and playful in Powdery Pink.

Frau trägt blauen Soft-BH Twin Art von Rosa Faia


The Twin Art series

Perfect feel-good bras: Natural fit, casual look – Twin Art in Soft Blue.

Frau trägt grauen Bügel-BH Caroline von Rosa Faia


The Caroline series

Modern coolness with silver effect: The Caroline bras and briefs exude understated glamour in Shiny Grey.

Frau trägt Komfort-Bügel-BH Lucia von Anita since 1886


The Lucia series

Lucia in Crystal is timeless and classy. A new Comfort bra with underwire rounds off the series.

Frau trägt blauen Komfort-BH Venecia von Anita since 1886


The Venecia series

Relaxed elegance: The Comfort bra, high-waist briefs and body look stylish and sophisticated in Shadow Blue

Frau trägt hautfarbenen Komfort-BH Airita von Anita since 1886


The Airita series

The Comfort bras and the body from the Airita series in delicate Light Powder by Anita are wonderfully breathable companions under summertime outfits.


Anita active

Mix & Match Sportswear: Frauen tragen Sport Tights Massage zu Extreme control und Air control DeltaPad


Mix & Match

Art on the skin – create gorgeous sportswear styles with the Tattoo edition and the models in Smart Rose.

Mix & Match Sportswear: Frauen tragen Sport tights fitness zu momentum und air control DeltaPad


Mix & Match

No Limits! Intense yellow paired with Iconic Grey will keep your workout motivation right where you want it.

Frau mit großer Oberweite trägt Sport-BH extreme control+


Extreme control+

Designed and developed for everything up to a K cup: The perfect sports bra for busty women.

Breast Care

Anita care

Frau trägt rosa Prothesen-BH Fleur mit hübscher Spitze von Anita care



Statement for summer: The new colour Rose Violet underlines the romantic style of the Fleur specialist bra.

Frau trägt schwarzen Basic Prothesen-BH Hanni von Anita care



The new all-rounder among Anita care bras: Timeless in black and Desert – the perfect T-shirt bra.

Frau trägt blauen Prothesen-BH mit Schale von Anita care



Minimalist beauty: The popular Tonya T-Shirt mastectomy bra with moulded cup is available in Powdery Blue.

Frau trägt schwarzen Seamless Prothesen-BH Lynn von Anita care



Sporty look, uncomplicated comfort: The new seamless specialist crop top opens at the front.

Frau trägt hautfarbenen Prothesen-BH Airita von Anita care



A gentle summer style: The breathable Airita mastectomy bras come in a delicate Light Powder.

Frau trägt blauen Prothesen-BH Venecia von Anita care



Luxurious and elegant: The Venecia mastectomy bra in a new charming look in trendy Shadow Blue.

Frau trägt schwarzen Prothesen-BH Lotta von Anita care



Trendy feel-good design for every day: The seamless crop top combines comfort with functional details.

Frau trägt rosa Prothesen-BH mit Schale Josephine von Anita care



Young, delicate & feminine: A touch of delicate Rose Pink adds a sense of romance to the classy specialist moulded cup bra.

Frau trägt grauen Prothesen-BH Caroline mit Schale von Rosa Faia



Timeless and chic – the delicate checked print in Shiny Grey adds a subtle sense of glamour to the mastectomy bra.

Maternity & Nursing

Anita maternity

Frau trägt Sport-BH und schwarze Miss Fantastic Relaxing Tights Massage von Anita maternity


Miss Fantastic

Not only for pregnancy: The relaxing massage sports tights offer wonderful relief for heavy legs.

Frau trägt rosa Still-BH Fleur mit Spitze von Rosa Faia



Fashion piece for nursing mums: Romantic-modern lace shines in Rose Violet.

Frau trägt grauen Still-BH Miss Debby von Anita maternity


Miss Debby

Soft and variable: The new Miss Debby nursing bra comes with a drawstring in the middle to create various ruched styles.

Frau trägt rosa Schalen-Still-BH Miss Lovely von Anita maternity

Miss Lovely

Favourite nursing bra: The new colour Rosewood complements your skin tone and looks great under a white top.


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