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Luxurious underwear for any figure

Perfect fit, exceptional quality and superior functionality combined with highest comfort.

Seductive bras, fashionable bodies and matching briefs by Rosa Faia and Anita accentuate your feminine curves just the way you want.


The bra, the ‘woman's secret weapon’

It is the first thing we put on in the morning and the last thing we take off at night. It usually remains unseen, but still an eye-catching feature. It is every woman's secret weapon. 

A bra is easily the most important piece of clothing a woman has. It completes the outfit, acts like a second skin and pushes, shapes or supports the breast.

Bras and underwear are the mainstays of our outfits, so it is important that they fit perfectly and that we feel comfortable, beautiful and confident.

Our bra designers in Brannenburg, Upper Bavaria, dream up new styles and designs with passion and attention to detail to ensure they are unique, top quality and a great fit for their wearers. Our main objective: Lingerie that you will love.

Figure-shaping underwear

Shapewear for a slim figure

Cheating is allowed – small problem areas can easily be concealed with the figure-shaping bodies, briefs and panties by Rosa Faia.
They fit every figure perfectly and sculpt the tummy, hips and bottom with a gentle shaping effect.

Whatever the occasion, we have your perfect classic, smooth shaping underwear or elegant items with lace and beautiful embellishments waiting for you. High-quality materials and quality workmanship make Rosa Faia shapewear irresistible. 

Flat seams ensure that the figure-shaping underwear shows no unwanted lines under your clothes and they ensure that you will feel completely comfortable throughout the day. This is your chance to wear a figure-hugging evening gown, a tight top or skinny jeans with confidence.











5 rules of thumb for bra fitting

  1. The underbust band lies snug against the skin without digging in
  2. The underbust band sits at the same height in the front below the bust and at the back
  3. The underwire sits below the breast and cups it fully
  4. The breast fills the cup without overflowing at the cleavage or under the arms
  5. The straps are neither so loose that they slide down, nor so tight that they dig in

Finding the correct bra size

According to surveys, more than 70 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Finding the right size is not an easy task. On the one hand, sizes vary from brand to brand. And on the other, your breasts change throughout your life. That is why it is important to take measurements before you start trying on new lingerie.

Our size calculator will help you find your correct bra size with ease. A good idea would be to enlist a friend to help you with the tape measure.

balconet Underwire bra Edelweiss by Rosa Faia is also available in black

The right way to care for a bra

It is important to take good care of your underwear, so that you can enjoy it for years to come. Always turn all items inside out before washing to avoid pilling. Close bra hooks before washing to avoid damaging the lace or embroidery.

Bras should also always be washed on a delicate cycle and in a lingerie bag at  max. 30°. You should also avoid softeners as they can leave residues on the fabric, which can lead to skin irritation and allergies. And the elasticity of the underwear diminishes over time. 

bra pinches on the sides

Important: does your bra pinch?

A bra should sit properly , not just for aesthetic reasons, but for health reasons too. A D-cup breast is quite heavy.

Unsurprisingly, badly-fitting underwear can lead to health problems.

Bra straps that cut into the shoulders can affect underlying nerves and muscle tissue and cause pain in the neck and shoulder area, and even in the arms. A too tight underwire can cause unpleasant hardening and pressure points. The underbust measurement must be exact, as you might otherwise have to deal with tension and back pain.


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