Our Vision 

Anita bra sketch

Nothing is more important than a perfectly fitting bra!

We have been working on the fit, quality and comfort of our products every day for over 130 years.
We don't intend to ever stop working on improvements and even more perfection.

Our objective is the creation of ‘timeless looks’ – never short-lived trends – i.e. designs that look good today and still will in three years' time! And we want our products to contribute to the quality of life of their wearers.

We have talked to hundreds of women over the years. A top-quality and perfectly constructed bra can not only make a woman's life easier – it can virtually be a lifesaver! Nothing is more important than a well fitting bra!

In terms of Anita the company, we want to always ensure that all our jobs around the world offer fair pay and optimal working conditions. We employ over 1,750 people worldwide – and all these people have 1,750 families depending on them. That is a huge responsibility!