First Bra Foundation

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Buying the first post surgical bra is an important step for many women affected with breast cancer. Some are looking forward to it while other others are afraid. The American organization First Bra Foundation dedicates itself to help and accompany women during this important process.

The non-profit organization was founded in September 2014 by Terry Levine and Clair Keizer, two professional bra fitters. Their intention is to make affected ladies feel comfortable during their first purchase. Purchasing a bra should be a moment of joy for every woman, whether you have undergone surgery or not. They want eliminate concerns and encourage trying on bras to find the ideal bra according to fit and personal taste.   

A special gift

Thanks to First Bra, women receive a professional bra fitting in addition to their first post mastectomy bra. This way the charitable organization ensures affected women to know their size and leave with a well fitting bra that does not dig in.

Anita International USA is one of the two partners of the organization.

Whenever an affected woman chooses an Anita care prosthesis bra in participating shops, Anita International covers the cost for the retailer. Claire de Lune in Kansas City, Missouri for example is one of the participating retailers. 

Taking a moment to forget scars and losses

“Cooperating with First Bra is a wonderful partnership for Anita and a great way to express our connection to women who have undergone breast surgery, says Joy Haizen Managing Director of Anita International.

Thanks to First Bra and its partners, numerous affected women can forget their scars and losses for a moment – seeing themselves in the mirror wearing a beautiful, new, perfectly fitting bra.