It's a perfect fit – our new brand ambassador Motsi Mabuse

Motsi loves

Motsi is all about quality and a perfect fit. She looks for great designs and functionality. For workouts or for the red carpet – Motsi will always find the perfect model for the occasion in the ANITA and Rosa Faia range.


“I love underwear! Depending on the occasion and my mood at the time, I can get just as excited about simple basics as about power colours, delicate lace or gorgeous prints. Really important for me: I need to feel good in my underwear and it must give me great support.” - Motsi Mabuse

“Motsi’s energy and her love for life is inspiring to everyone. We want to do the same: inspire our customers with our and Motsi’s passion for life.” – Stefanie Metzler, Head of Marketing at ANITA





Motsi & Anita – it's a perfect fit

We are super excited – Motsi Mabuse is our new brand ambassador! We think it’s a perfect fit! Woman, mother, dancer, TV star, role model... The many facets of Motsi’s personality perfectly reflect our various product lines. With everything she does, she always remains completely authentic and is an inspiration to women to support, respect and be kind to each other. 

An interview with Motsi

What is you best tip for self-motivation?
Don’t second-guess yourself. Just get started – don’t think too much about it, just get going

Do you prefer sensual underwear or easy, comfortable basics?
Both – it really depends on the occasion and my mood. By the way: sensual underwear can also be really comfy. And I really like power colours.

It really isn’t all that easy to feel good in your own skin. How do you feel about that?
Sure, everybody knows that. I think it is really important to spend time with yourself, and to look after your own body and soul. This really special me-time, when I consciously take time just for myself. It might just be a few minutes to drink a cup of tea in peace, or a high-powered dance workout. The main idea is not to forget about yourself and your own needs during your hectic everyday life.

And after sports – what is your favourite feeling?
Happiness. I feel amazing after I dance or do a workout. That’s when I find my inner peace. I feel pleasantly tired out, satisfied and happy.

Do you have a tip on how to get your energy levels up?
Not a magic potion – but for me, the usual suspects really work@ plenty of sleep and drinking lots of water. And laughter!

What should a sports bra be able to do?
It must offer good support, be comfortable to wear, and I should really be able to forget about it – when I dance, I want to concentrate on my workout and nothing else

What do you do to recharge your batteries? 
When things get really crazy I look forward to some peace and quiet. I take a nice long bath or go to the sauna for relaxation. Depending on how much time I have between appointments, I might take a few days off to spend with my family and get my power levels back up.

Bikini or one-piece?
Absolutely both. I love wearing swimsuits with a nice cut, but I also think that curvy women look great in bikinis.


Good to know

  • Motsi Mabuse
  • Born in Mankwe/ Bophuthatswana, now South Africa
  • Married, one daughter

We all know Motsi Mabuse as a fiery bundle of energy from the TV show “Lets Dance”. But did you know that Motsi actually dreamed of becoming a lawyer?

Motsi grew up in a small village in South Africa, and moved with her family to Pretoria when she was 5 years old. Her father opened a law firm there, which Motsi was supposed to take over one day. But when she discovered her passion for dance while at university studying law, everything changed and her life took a different turn. She became South American Vice World Champion, participated in the renowned dance tournament “British Open”, moved to Germany, celebrated successes as a professional dancer, and finally member of the “Let's Dance” jury.

She ended her career as a professional dancer in 2014 and has concentrated on a number of different projects – as a jury member, TV star, her “Taunustanzschule” dance school and her dream job of being a mother.