Happiness is homemade

Lingerie and swimwear by Anita maternity for pregnancy, nursing and recovery


Lingerie and swimwear for pregnancy and breastfeeding

Home-made designs, home-made production - happiness begins at home.

When you build something from the ground up, and create something beautiful and new, then the joy is all the greater.

Anita underwear for pregnancy, nursing and recovery are not only a point of pride for Anita, but also an easy favourite for soon-to-be mums.


  1. Attention to detail
  2. Responsible manufacturing
  3. High-quality materials
  4. Perfect fit


Pregnancy changes a lot, but not your personality, your style, your taste, or your fashion sense.

Anita maternity puts plenty of love, unique ideas as well as the highest quality and finish into her designs so you can enjoy comfortable underwear every day, feel confident, strong and comfortable in your body and even stay true to your own unique style. 


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If you really love something, then you pay attention to the smallest details.

Everything comes from a single source - from the first draft of the design to the selection of the right fabrics, threads and details, all the way down to the finished piece - that way you know exactly where your favourite underwear comes from.

The women who wear our bras exude a unique radiance , and that is down to the designers at Anita using their one-of-a-kind, yet timeless styles to help make each and every pregnancy special.

75% of our current employees are female, and we have over 50 years of experience in the world of underwear, starting in the 1960s. We women know our assets, we understand the changes that happen during pregnancy, and we also have a greater understand of the areas that women generally feel insecure about. We know how best to support, cover up or emphasize certain body parts in a way that makes us feel great. 

Happiness begins at home - for you and your child, as well as for us. Fair, high-quality and sustainable production is very important to us, and that's why we manufacture the majority of our products in our own factories. We have one goal: Underwear that you will love.

Maternity - Bras, Crop Tops, Briefs & Baby Belts


  1. Underwear that grows with you
  2. Soft materials
  3. Comfortable cut

Thanks to sophisticated cuts, maternity bras by Anita maternity grow perfectly with the breast. 

The classic, minimalist design of the Basic bras are rounded off with softly padded straps without an underwire as well as seamless cups for an easy, comfortable favourite during pregnancy. Available in black and white.

The seamless pregnancy crop top feels comfortable on the skin throughout the night.

Seamless Maternity Crop Top 5100 | S - XL

What is a maternity bra?

This special bra is designed for pregnancy and is made of extra soft and stretchy materials. It grows with your breasts and adapts perfectly to your constantly changing body. 

 The straps and underbust band of a maternity bra will generally also be slightly wider to give the sensitive breast more support and comfort

Why should you wear a maternity bra?

When you are pregnant, your breasts will usually grow with your belly. The size may increase by more than one cup, so it's no wonder your regular bra will no longer fit. As your breasts grow and become heavier, you may experience back and neck pain. A maternity bra supports you with its special cut and materials.

When do I need a bra that grows with me?

As soon as you realise that the normal bra is too small or uncomfortable you should switch to a maternity bra. It protects the sensitive breast tissuee and provides comfortable, firm support.

How is a nursing bra different from a maternity bra?

Unlike the maternity bra, the nursing bra has clips on the straps that allow the cup to be folded down for nursing - a much more practical solution than having to take the bra off.

Tips for buying a maternity bra.

  • Try on in store to test our different cuts, models and sizes and find the most comfortable one for you
  • The bra straps should be wider for more support
  • The bra should not have protruding seams in the cups as this could irritate the sensitive breast tissue
  • Maternity bras should fit well on the tightest hook so you can loosen them when needed
  • Ask the saleswoman for help with finding the right bra size

Baby Belt by Anita maternity 

100% baby bump - 100% feel good

Our insider tip for preventing back pain. As a pregnancy progresses, the weight of the growing child increases the burden on the pregnant woman and especially on her muscles. Many women develop lordosis, also know as a 'sway back' during pregnancy, which can lead to back pain and increased muscle tension.

The Anita maternity Baby Belt provides fast relief of pregnancy-related pains by relieving and supporting the abdomen and back, and also prevents any additional stretch marks. Wearing the belt also encourages a quicker recovery after the delivery .

The Anita® support concept:

  • Help for back and lumbar pain
  • Back and stomach support that grows with you
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Clinically tested support concept (University Clinic Frankfurt/Main)
The Baby Belt supports your baby bump during pregnancy and prevents stretch marks.

Baby Belt 1708 | XS - XL

Breastfeeding - Beautiful nursing bras in all styles and sizes


  1. Comfortably soft materials
  2. Easy opening nursing clip
  3. Straps won't slip

Designed specifically for the postnatal months, our nursing bras are made from soft yet firm materials that gently cup delicate breasts while providing a secure fit.

Practical nursing clips on the straps make it easy to open the cups on your Anita maternity bras with one hand. The advantage of this is that you can feed your child easily without having to take off your bra.

Discover different models and styles depending on your preferences.


Delicate lace

The Anita maternity Fleur Series combines floral design with a perfect fit. The nursing bra with underwire also provides perfect support for the larger breast, up to a J cup.

Do you prefer your bra to be underwire free? Then the modern triangle bra is perfect for you. 


The Spacer nursing bra by Anita maternity is breathable and sits just right.

Miss Anita Spacer Nursing Bra 5070 | B - G

Airy & lightweight - The triangular bra with breathable spacer cups relaxes, relieves and also creates a beautiful silhouette. The perfect underwear for all women who love classically beautiful lingerie.

The timeless T-shirt bra features a deep cut décolleté that accentuates the bust and fits nicely under light summer blouses and dresses. After delivery, women may perspire more due to hormonal changes. Spacerwear allows the skin to breathe and wicks away moisture, while allowing body heat to dissipate.

The cups are easy to open for extra comfort while breastfeeding by giving your baby free access to the breast. The breathable spacer cup gives the breast a beautiful shape and ensures that your nursing pads are not visible. The straps with clean finished edges have been developed exclusively for Anita, provide exceptional comfort and won't dig in even in larger sizes.

What is a spacer bra?

Spacer fabric is a three-dimensional material manufactured using a special finishing process. This material consists of several layers of fibres, forming a lightweight structure. The hollow spaces between these layers ensure perfect air circulation. Spacer bras are exceptionally comfortable , as the breathable material and the skin underneath remain dry.


Feel-good bra

Perfect underwear for relaxed days with your baby.

The non-wired nursing bras are pleasantly soft on the skin, provide support and delight with fine details.

Whether it's seamless breastfeeding bustiers or bralette-style triangle bras - they perfectly fit every figure and give you a great wearing comfort.

Thanks to the integrated breastfeeding clips, the cups can be opened wide and enable uncomplicated breastfeeding.



Smooth underwires

The breasts become particularly sensitive after pregnancy and while you are nursing, so you should make sure that the bra has a soft and flexible underwire.  Our classic nursing bra with seamlessly moulded cups features a super soft underwire that gently sculpts your bust and offers firm support all the way up to an I cup. 

The Basic bra features practical nursing clips on the straps and an elegant, minimalist design in black, white and beige.

  • super soft underwire
  • practical nursing clips 
  • seamless moulded cups
The Fleur nursing bra by Rosa Faia features soft moulded cups to create a beautifully shaped décolleté.

Basic nursing bra 5068 | C - I

Recovery - slim down after pregnancy

  1. Shapes without restricting
  2. Is individually adjustable
  3. Supports recovery

ReBelt Panty by Anita maternity

Getting your figure back after pregnancy

Pregnancy causes the body to change enormously. In particular, the tissue in the abdominal area is put under a significant amount of strain. In addition to special gym exercises to get rid of the baby weight, there is a very simple trick  to support the stomach during recovery: The ReBelt Panty.

This special Shape Panty by Anita maternity not only conceals the tummy, hip and bottom areas after childbirth, but also helps to get your body back to how it was with gentle shaping . Soft leg cuffs and a soft hem ensure the best comfort so the ReBelt Panty won’t dig in to your skin or restrict you in any way.

Swimwear - tankinis and swimsuits for pregnancy

Beautiful maternity tankinis and swimsuits give the baby bump space and look great to boot.
  1. Grows with you
  2. Modern cut
  3. Versatile designs

Summer, sun, beach and pregnancy.

The gorgeous swimwear for your baby bump perfectly accentuates your new curves. 

Our modern maternity tankinis and swimsuits give your baby bump plenty of room to grow. There are elegant, single-coloured designs or fresh summer patterns to choose from. 

The accessories from the Rosa Faia range are ideal for combining to create the perfect beach look.

Pregnancy must-haves

5 things you need for pregnancy in addition to an accommodating bra, and a supportive Baby Belt

  • Pregnancy Guide

One of the first purchases that expectant mothers usually make is a pregnancy guide. In this you will find information about the development of the baby and many helpful tips on pregnancy.

  • Pregnancy Diary

Your memories in a book. Record this special time in a notebook or an extra special book. You can also find online options for digitally collecting and recording your thoughts.

  • Tape measure for the baby bump

Watching your own child grow is a very special feeling. As soon as your belly starts to grow you should buy a measuring tape - and be amazed by how many inches your stomach grows every month.

  • Maternity Fashion

As the stomach grows, expectant mums often feel increasingly uncomfortable. But you don't have to stop wearing nice clothes and pretty underwear when you are pregnant.

  • Care Oil for your Bump

Stretch marks? No way! Due to the increasing circumference of your baby bump, the abdominal tissue is stretched and requires special care. Special oils can prevent stretch marks.


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