Functional maternity bras

Fashionable maternity bras with exceptional comfort

With superb attention to detail, maternity bras by Anita maternity are particularly comfortable on the skin. 

Seamless cups that accommodate growing breasts and wide, soft straps that ensure the most incredible comfort during pregnancy. The maternity underwear  offers excellent support, all the way up to an H cup.

BASIC maternity bra

classic - underwire free - comfortable

Our bestseller

Feel beautiful every day, feel well every day, from the first day of your pregnancy all to way up to the birth.

High-quality, accommodating fabrics that will grow with your body make the BASIC maternity bra the perfect fit for sensitive breasts. Softly padded straps relieve the pressure on the neck, and prevent the breast pain often experienced during pregnancy.

The maternity bra features a minimalist design that not only looks classically beautiful, but also helps to prevent stretch marks and weakness in connective tissue. Available in black and white up to a G cup.


The seamless maternity crop tops by Anita Maternity are made using very soft and stretchy materials. They adapt to the growing breast perfectly and lie comfortably soft against the skin. 

Our crop tops come with integrated ‘PowerControl’ reinforcement zones and are completely seamless. They offer light to medium support and are recommended for a small to medium cup size. We recommend maternity bras for big bust sizes, as it offers better hold and support. 

Our tip: Our Seamless maternity crop tops are completely seamless and have a soft hemline and wide straps, which means they are also great for wearing at night.


All about pregnancy bras


What is a maternity bra?

Maternity bras are specially tailored to the specific needs of the breasts during pregnancy. The breasts are very sensitive at this time, so our bras are made from soft materials that grow with your breasts and gently adapt to your changing figure. So you won't have to buy a new bra as soon as your breasts start to grow. 

With a wider band and comfortably padded straps, they provide the firm support that the breast tissue needs during pregnancy to avoid stretch marks


When do I need a maternity bra?

When you need a special bra depends entirely on the growth of your bust size. You should invest in a maternity bra as soon as you start to notice your normal bra is getting too small and restrictive.


Why do I need a maternity bra?

 Pregnancy changes the body - especially your tummy and breasts. These changes are already noticeable at the beginning of the pregnancy.  Breasts get larger and firmer. Your bust will become more sensitive as it grows, and will begin to feel heavier.

As soon as your normal bra begins to pinch, constrict or even leave visible pressure points, you should start wearing a maternity bra. Maternity bras help to relieve aching breasts and support the overloaded connective tissue.

Maternity bras from Anita maternity are made from stretchy, high-quality materials that do not pinch, and adapt perfectly to the growing breast. The support given by our maternity bras helps to minimize or even prevent stretch marks and maintain the beautiful shape of the breast.


What do I need to consider when purchasing a maternity bra? 

From the beginning of pregnancy, the breast may increase by one whole size, so the maternity bra should have certain features .

Maternity bra: With or without underwire?

In principle: As long as you feel comfortable and your bra doesn't dig in, you can wear underwire bras during pregnancy as your breasts grow.

The cups grow with you

The soft and elastic material offers the increasing bust plenty of room to grow. Seamless, moulded cups sit softly against your skin without chafing. The integrated breast support gives the growing breast  optimal and comfortable support. 

Straps offer relief

All maternity bras by Anita maternity feature adjustable straps. We use only nickel-free adjusters for our maternity bras, to protect you from skin irritations. For larger cups, the straps are cut wider to relieve the neck and shoulders. 

Adjustable fastener

All maternity bras from Anita Maternity feature adjustable sizing, so that the bra usually fits until the end of pregnancy.

Our Tip

Buy the maternity bra so that it fits perfectly on the smallest hook and the cups enclose the breast well, so there is still enough room to grow. 

Swimwear for your baby bump


Trendy maternity swimwear

Pregnant on the beach? Not a problem with the right maternity swimwear

With comfortable maternity swimsuits or tankinis by Anita maternity, expectant mothers can always find something to suit their taste for a trip to the beach.

A wide range of cuts and colourful designs exude a sense of summer, and also protect your baby bump from strong sun.


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