Underwear that grows with you

Comfortable for the baby bump

Maternity briefs & Baby Belts by Anita Maternity stretch comfortably during pregnancy and support your growing baby bump.

Made from high-quality, soft materials, they adapt perfectly to the changes in your figure, ensuring that you feel comfortable.


As your belly grows, your underwear grows too

As your belly grows you will notice that your old underwear starts to dig in and no longer sits where it should. 

Our specially developed pants are barely noticeable and grow with you to give you enough space to fit your growing baby bump. Our Anita maternity underwear uses only high-quality, breathable materials

Our maternity bottoms gently mould themselves around your changing body and ensure the perfect fit and the most incredible wearing comfort. Our underwear grows with your belly thanks to the soft, stretchy seams and fabrics used .

Our refined cuts and stylish designs will make every woman feel beautiful and attractive throughout her pregnancy, without compromising her style. 

How does the Baby Belt help?

Your baby is growing every day and this creates extra weight for your body. Your body tries to compensate for this weight, which often causes back and pelvic pain.

The Baby Belt maternity belt by Anita maternity is designed to address this problem: It effectively supports the baby bump, has been proven to relieve  strain on the back, and reduces pulling pelvic pain. Wearing an Anita maternity Baby Belt promotes the recovery of the abdomen after delivery by supporting the tissue during pregnancy.

Thanks to the continuously adjustable hook-and-loop fastener, the Baby Belt is quick to  put on and take off: The wide strap provides support beneath your belly, while soft, breathable microfibre wraps around your bump.

Underwear for recovery

Slim down faster after the birth

In addition to recovery exercises, a special ReBelt Panty provides the perfect support you need to help get your belly back in shape after you give birth.

The ReBelt Panty by Anita maternity offers gentle and natural support for the tissue without feeling too tight. Effective shaping for sculpting the belly, hips and buttocks.

They also support the belly after a caesarean section or abdominal surgery, promoting healing.


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