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Sports bra - How much support do my breasts need?

One thing is clear: An effective and powerful workout needs the right sports bra.

In addition to looking good, the bra must also fit right. That is why, it is very important to work out the right size and to choose the right support level depending on the intensity of the sport or workout. We can show you which bra is right for your sport.  


Firm support for moderate intensity sports

Anita active Firm Support sports bras provide medium support for sports like yoga or Pilates.

Our Firm Support Level sports bras (medium support) are ideal for medium-intensity sports - they provide firm support without being restrictive. We recommend a bra with a Firm Support Level for: Pilates, yoga and Nordic walking.


Extremely strong support for very high-impact sports

The momentum sports bra by Anita active offers a perfect fit and strong support up to an H cup.

Our Maximum Support Level bras (strong support) are designed for high-impact sports like: Jogging, horse riding, tennis, handball and other ball sports. They offer extremely strong, comfortable support that make them the perfect training partner for women with a big bust.




The all-rounder of Maximum Support sports bras - momentum

Unbeatable function & unique design.


The winner of the ‘Red Dot Design Award’  offers perfect comfort with seamless cups and high-quality materials. The bra holds the breasts snug against the body and offers extra-firm support. As an additional highlight: the shimmering high-tech fabric is ideal for a sexy sports outfit.


The perfect bra for the larger bust, up to an H cup.


Firmly in the saddle - sports bras for riding

The horse isn't the only one moving - the body of the rider is also constantly in motion, and so are her breasts. That's why you need a high-performance bra for this sport.

The breasts bob up and down with the movements of the horse. Since the breast tissue does not have its own muscles, this can very quickly lead to injury or over-stretching of the tissue. The result is unsightly stretch marks on the breasts.

That's why it is particularly important to wear a sports bra while riding. Choose a bra that provides strong support for the breasts. Riding is one of the most high-impact sports you can do, so you should pay particular attention to the support level of your sports bra.

We recommend that all horse riders wear a bra from the Maximum Support range, which provides particularly strong and reliable support.

The sports bra for jogging

A functional bra is an absolute must for all running enthusiasts.

A high-quality sports bra is essential for a marathon just as much as for the evening jog. 

Your breast is in constant movement when you run. The bouncing movement of the bust puts a great deal of strain on the breast tissue , and can lead to pain in the chest, neck and shoulder area and over-stretching.

The firm underbust band, highly functional materials and the high neckline of a sports bra all work together to hold your breast and minimise movement.

Boxing - the fitness trend

Fight like a girl! Boxing is becoming increasingly popular with women, and is practised by supermodels and Hollywood stars. They use fitness boxing as their daily workout to get their bodies in shape, and look great as a result.

The arm movement must be completely unrestricted to put everything you have into a punch . That is why the padded straps of the dynamiX star and the momentum pro are crossed at the back. Unlike conventional bras, the straps are also positioned away from the neck, to prevent tension in the neck and shoulder area.

The sports bra should enclose your breasts, provide firm support and reduce movement. So you can be sure that nothing pops out even when you are jumping or dodging.


Is a sports bra better with or without underwire?


At the gym or during outdoor activities: wearing the right bra under your sports top is key. Busty women always have a hard time finding the right bra for sports. 

Every figure is different - every woman is unique. The expectations you have for a sports bra may be completely different than those of someone else. Plenty of women are used to wearing a bra with underwire and look for the same in a sports bra. And rightly so, because it offers additional hold, supports the breast and creates a lovely shape. 

Our Anita active bestseller momentum is also available with underwire.

However, most Anita active bras come without underwire, because they feature a wide, very comfortable underbust band instead. It is enough to stop most of the movement of the breasts during exercise, holding them firmly against your chest. Depending on the intensity of your workouts, choose a Firm Support bra with medium support or a Maximum Support sports bra with strong support.


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