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Mix & Match bikini

Choose your favourites from the various ROSA FAIA Mix & Match series and create your very own stylish beach looks.


"French Blue Summer" & "Shiny Basics"  mixkinis

An expressive combination of brightly coloured vintage blossoms and white polka dots

Enchanting blossoms, cheeky polka dots and sophisticated details – these Mix & Match bikinis exude holiday feelings with their trendy vintage look.

The bikini tops and bottoms can be mixed and matched with each other or with the solid colour models from the Rosa Faia Mix & Match range.

A true highlight: the Luna Big Cup bikini top with "Special Big Cup Support" up to an I cup, and the Maja top with crossed front panel.

Mix & Match series "Miami Stripes"

Enchanting blossoms meet colourful stripes to create a beach look with wow effect

The Mix & Match bikinis with their casual stripes and blossoms pattern mix are a true fashion statement. The "Miami Stripes" series consists of three bikini tops and three bikini bottoms, which can all be mixed and matched with each other or with solid colour Mix & Match bottoms.


"Summer Sun" mixkinis

Mix & Match tops and bottoms with trendy, colourful zig-zag pattern

Catching the Summer Sun – these Mix & Match bikinis will get you in the mood for summer!

The series consists of two bikini tops and two bottoms that can be mixed and matched any way you want.

Wow – what a great beach look!

"70s Hawaii"

Must-have Mix & Match bikinis with lilies on a trendy leopard pattern background

The delicate lily blossoms lend the "70s Hawaii" series its unique  look.

The bikini tops and bottoms can be mixed and matched with each other or with the solid colour models from the Rosa Faia Mix & Match range.

Choose the Rubina bikini top or the Cassie bandeau top - both offer excellent support up to a G cup. Two different types of bottoms and a casual beach dress complete the relaxed beach outfit with retro flair.

"Palm Safari" Mix & Match bikinis

We love leopard! Tropical palm fronds meet petrol

Palm fronds intermingled with a trendy leopard pattern are a celebration of the many facets of summer.
Our favourite: The Delia bikini top with its low cut cleavage, "Special Big Cup Support" and crossed over gathered sections in the décolleté. Fully patterned or matched with a solid black top or bottoms – the Mix & Match range creates gorgeous beach styles.

"Coconut Beach"

Fruit flash: Enchanting mixkinis with pineapple and coconut patterns

The tropics-inspired pineapple, coconut and kiwi print lends this Mix & Match series a unique  look. The edging with golden Lurex shimmer make the items true head-turners.

The Paulina push-up bikini top creates a sexy cleavage - great for smaller bust sizes - and can be mixed and matched with the patterned Deja bikini bottoms. Another great match are the black bikini bottoms from the Rosa Faia collection.

Mix & Match series "Zebra Love"

Bikini tops and bottoms with exciting Zebra design

The Zebra Love Mix & Match models come with an exciting zebra print. The Eleonore bikini top with moulded cups and the Federica "Special Big Cup Support" top highlight your cleavage to best effect, while the two types of bottoms with or without leg ties flatter the waist.

"Happy Tropical"

Mixkinis in a sea of colour with tropical leaves

Our latest summer love! The swimwear series "Happy Tropical" with tropical leaf patterns and super bright colours will really catch your eye!

The Cosima bandeau bikini top with spacer cups and variable straps ensures a great cleavage.

The perfect choice for bigger busts: the Mix & Match top Luna is available in cup sizes C to E in its standard version and in F to I in the special Big Cup cut.

Exciting Mix & Match alternative: Combine tops and bottoms in the colours "Curacao" and black.

"Indian Heat" Mix & Match bikinis

Bikinis with a super trendy paisley look!

Inspired by the gorgeously vibrant colours of the South Sea! The two bikini tops Maja with wraparound look and spacer cups, as well as the top Sibel with its special Big Cup cut combine perfectly with two patterned bottoms or the Mix & Match items in the colour "Curacao".

Mix & Match - tips & tricks for mixkinis

Every woman has been there: summer holidays are almost there and a new bikini is needed. 

Unfortunately, it isn't always all that easy to find the right bikini. The top fits like a dream – but the bikini bottoms are too tight. Or the top just won't sit right, but the bottoms are super comfy. That's where the mixkini comes into play. Here is your chance to choose the right size for your top and briefs yourself! Decide on the type of cut to flatter your body type and the colours you want to combine. What type of bikini top do you want: Triangle, push-up or bandeau to go with bottoms with ties, variable adjustment or a high waist? Here you will find some advice on what mixes well and what model types fit which body type: 

Models on the beach wearing Mix & Match bikinis by Rosa Faia

Mix & Match – how does it work?

Great mixing isn't hard to do. There are just a few simple rules to follow to create your personal favourite mixkini bikini in seconds.

Cuts, colours & materials

The basic rule is: All types of tops and bottoms can be mixed and matched. Women have thrown out the old conventions anyway – which is why we see them sporting solid colour mixes in any colour and with any intensity.

There is, however, one thing we do need to look out for: the material used for the top and the bottoms should not be too different. A mix of shiny and matt textiles, for example, would not really look that well. 

Skilful pattern mix

It gets a little more complicated when mixing prints. A little sense of style will negate that issue in any case. It should generally not be a problem to mix colourful patterns with solid colour pieces, as long as the colours are repeated in both pieces. 

Are you courageous, when it comes to fashion? That's when we can also combine different patterns – you should, however, always make sure that the colours in both prints harmonise.

Bikini top: What suits my body type?

With padding or without, with underwire or without...? Your choice of cuts and functions among mixkini tops is virtually endless. But which one will best suit your body type? We have put together a little overview for you. 

Bikini tops with underwire – the classic with extra support

Most underwire bikinis look a lot like a regular bra, while the material used is, of course, more suitable for water. Many women prefer a bikini top with underwire, simply they are so used to wearing one in their day-to-day lives and really appreciate the support an underwire provides. 

That is why a bikini top with underwire is a great choice for any body type. And if you want to give your bust a little more "oomph", then a padded, push-up cup could be the right choice for you. Here we can really recommend the Paulina bikini top (A-D cup) by Rosa Faia.

Women with a larger bust are well served with an underwire, as it offers additional support and shapes the breast beautifully. A good place to start looking for your perfect bikini top is the Rosa Faia series with "Special Big Cup Support". After all, these were developed specifically for bigger bust sizes.

Triangle bikinis – sexy and trendy

The triangle bikini top has been among the most popular cuts among fashion-forward mermaids. The triangle bikini – as its name suggests – has a triangular shaped cup for a more daring cleavage. A great choice for women, who enjoy showing a bit more skin. These tops usually have variable straps that can also be tied at the back of the neck like a halter neck. 

Mix & Match bandeau bikini by Rosa Faia

Bandeau bikini: a casual, yet sporty cut

Bandeau bikinis have a narrow, tube-like cut and usually come with variable straps. This cut is definitely worth a second glance if you like to avoid tan lines. 

Bandeau bikinis are suitable only for smaller bust sizes? Nope! Lateral staves and an underwire ensure perfect support right up to Big Cup sizes. 
The Rosa Faia collection offers Mix & Match bandeau tops right up to an H cup.


Mix & Match tankini – extra coverage

At first glance, a tankini doesn't look all that different than a swimsuit. Its cut is quite similar to a regular top. It does, however, cover the belly, conceals any minor problems and gives a little more protection against sunlight. 

There are a wide variety of tankinis to choose from. Some come with gathered sections on the sides for length adjustment, some have a lower cut cleavage, and some are tied behind the neck. 

Just like the bikini top, tankini tops can be combined with a wide variety of bottoms. 

Enough about the bikini tops – let's talk about finding the perfect bottoms as well. Here are the various shapes and cuts on offer. 

Bikini bottoms: What shapes are available?

The greatest feature of a mixkini is the fact that you can choose virtually any bottoms to match the top. Forget the times, when you had to squeeze into bottoms (because the top was such a great fit).

Briefs – the medium-rise classic

Just like standard underwear briefs, the bikini bottoms should cover at least half of your behind, making it a great companion for absolutely any body type. The simple cut easily matches virtually any type of top.

Bikini bottoms with leg ties – super variable

The highly versatile bikini bottoms with ties on the sides are available in many variations. The ties allow for easy size and leg opening adjustment. 

Panty – comfy and sporty

The panty shape features straight lines and mostly covers the bottom fully, which makes for an incredibly comfortable fit. 

Swimming skirt – playful and concealing

The Mix & Match swimming skirt is particularly flattering for any body type. This type of bikini bottoms perfectly conceals any problem areas around the hips and thighs. 

High-waist briefs – the vintage look

50s-style figure-shaper: Extra high-rise bikini bottoms don't just look super cool, they also help conceal the belly area.

Which mixkini for which body type?

A-type: narrow shoulders, wider hips

Underwire and bandeau tops are a great choice for those with a narrow torso. Choose a model with or without straps and with an eye-catching pattern. They will highlight your slender shoulders to perfection. The best bottoms for your figure type are medium to high-rise that lie comfortably around your hips. Another great look for A-type figures are bottoms with leg ties. Adjust them to achieve the look you like best. 

V type: broad shoulders and narrow hips

The V body type is basically the reverse of the A type. Your best choice here would be a more low-key top, which you can then combine with striking bikini bottoms with and exciting pattern, bright colours and sophisticated lacing... Halter neck tops make your shoulders appear narrower.

X type: slim waist, with shoulders and hips of equal width

This very symmetrical body type has plenty of choice when it comes to tops. Particularly flattering:  underwire, bandeau or halter neck tops. This body type also has plenty of flexibility for bottoms: Sexy briefs with a high leg opening elongates the leg and draws the eye to your slim waist. 

H type: straight body lines with long legs & less bust

You have an athletic figure with well-balanced proportions and long legs? Then you should emphasise those with Mix & Match bottoms with high leg openings to make them look even longer.

High-waist briefs will also look great on you and will help conceal any minor problem area. Complete the look with a charming triangle or push-up bikini top to draw the eye to your cleavage.


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