Swimsuits with the perfect fit

Fashionable swimsuits with many different styles

Our swimsuits with shaping effect, elegant colour inserts, gathered sections and trendy patterns will give you a gorgeous silhouette!

Up to large sizes, they guarantee the perfect fit and maximum comfort.

Current swimsuits by Rosa Faia and Anita

Figure-shaping cuts, elegant patterns, charming details

Swimsuits - Anything but boring!

Swimsuits are old-fashioned and boring? Not true! From colourful, luxurious prints to trendy plain-coloured one-pieces - the swimsuit is a fashionable must-have. Figure-accentuating designs, playful gathered sections and bright colours not only make swimsuits interesting but actually quite sexy when combined with clever details and zips on the neckline.

Do you prefer a demure or a daring neckline, a high or low-cut back? Our Anita and Rosa Faia swimwear has a beach favourite in store for you, whatever your personal style. Choose from different models such as a halter neck swimsuit with inner cup creating a sensational cleavage or a trendy, off-the-shoulder bandeau swimsuit.
Particularly in the plus size range, this fashionable one-piece is the perfect companion in the summer because it automatically shapes the figure with its tight material, creating a slimmer waist. The Anita since 1886 brand has a lot of elegant swimwear styles to offer in sizes 38 to 52. And all these trendy styles will look amazing with a practical pareo or a pair of comfy shorts.

Slim waist icon – How a swimsuit shapes your silhouette

How does a swimsuit shape your figure?

Shaping the body with the help of fabrics and cuts: Anita comfort swimwear uses special, functional lining material and fabric textures to help sculpt that perfect beach body. Special cuts reinforce the figure-shaping effect.

Colour inserts create a slim look: In order to cut a great figure, you don’t have to wear the classic in gloomy black and go without trendy colours. Exciting patterns, vertical stripes or black sections sewn in on the sides lengthen the silhouette and quickly create a slim waist.    

Little highlights: Gathered sections, knots, decorative rings and patches conceal and guide the eyes to your individual assets. Does your swimsuit absorb too much sun? A tankini is a great alternative if you don't really want to show your tummy all the time, but want to tan as much of your body as possible when sunbathing. This two-piece drapes loosely around your tummy and hips, meaning it’s comfortable and hides a little extra padding around the waist.

Comeback of a classic

The history of the swimsuit

The history of the swimsuit goes back to the 19th century. As part of the booming spa and bathing industry, bathing culture flourished around 1850, and with it, swimwear. At that time, the first “swimming dresses” made of percale, flannel and serge appeared that primarily ensured that not too much leg and skin were on display.

In 1903, the first swimsuits were made of wool and cotton jersey. Unfortunately, they were rather heavy when wet and took a long time to dry. The swimming dresses were a real hazard and women often had to be rescued from drowning, as they were pulled under by their heavy garment. As a consequence, nylon was used instead of wool and cotton in the 1950s. In the mid 1960s, the two-piece ‘Bikini’ became popular which increasingly displaced the swimsuit from fashion.

Over the past few years, however, the one-piece has seen a revival. With new designs and colours, it is more trendy than ever and is even making a fashionable comeback with the young generation!

Swimsuit with a sporty style

A sports swimsuit has to tolerate quite a bit. It should fit perfectly and provide the bosom with secure support. The material of a one-piece mustn’t be so thin that it appears transparent when wet, but also not so thick that it becomes a hindrance. Our “Soft Touch” fabric with microfibre feels pleasant on the skin and dries quickly.

Using the adjustable straps, you can adapt the swimsuit’s length, and wear it as a cross-back with some models, giving your arms and shoulders maximum freedom of movement during swimming. Inserts on the sides and exciting patterns also ensure a slim look.

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