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Rosa Faia - Big cup lingerie

Our big cup bras combine function and beauty: they offer a perfect fit and are extra comfortable to wear.

Rosa Faia specialises in attractive and fashionable lingerie from A to J cup, including combinations with big cup sizes and small underbust measurements.


Big cup bras you will love

Do you prefer your underwear classically simple or striking with exquisite lace and embroidery? Discover our beautiful Big Cup models.

Our new Selma Big Cup bra

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Big cup bras with perfect fit

It is important that underwear fits perfectly, and provides optimal support without digging in, especially for women with larger bust sizes.

Our bras – and especially those for big cup sizes – come in gorgeous, delicate looking designs and offer excellent function as well.

They meet all the needs of a larger bust, while still accentuating your femininity.











A well-fitting bra is a great help if you have a big bust.

A big bust - a curse for some, a blessing for others. While some see their breasts as their most feminine feature, other complain of the heavy burden they have to lug around every day.

Many women suffer from chronic back pain,  neck tension or cervical spine problems. A well-fitting bra in the right size is ideal for preventing these problems, while skilfully accentuating the beautiful shape of your bust. According to a recent survey, around 70% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. This is a serious problem, because the breast is not optimally supported, which can affect the structure of the breast tissue.
Our tip: Have your bra size checked regularly by an expert at a retailer near you!

What makes a good bra for large cup sizes?

Large breasts need more support than smaller ones. A big cup bra has to fulfil specific criteria to ensure a perfect fit and optimal support:

A bra for larger sizes should have stronger, usually wider straps. Wider bra straps distribute the weight of the breast and therefore prevent unsightly marks and uncomfortable pressure points on the shoulders.

A soft, but robust material for the wings or integrated stays on the sides are just some of the important details a big cup bra should have.

Details like these will guarantee a perfect fit and excellent comfort all the way up to cup sizes I or J. The firmer and less elastic the bra, the more support it can give.

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