Underwear in larger sizes


High-quality and comfortable underwear

The comfort and support styles by Anita since 1886 perfectly accentuate a curvy figure with a large bust.
With special sculpting shapewear, small problem areas are skilfully concealed and feminine curves are beautifully accentuated.

Special cuts combined with wide comfort straps and soft, elastic materials ensure maximum comfort.



support - shape - comfort



Supportive and relieving underwear, which provides perfect support and prevents tension and neck pain.

The comfort and support bras, as well as the bodies by Anita since 1886 have wide, padded straps for maximum strain relief.



Gorgeous underwear for curvy women

For larger sizes, it is especially important that the bra supports the weight of the breast well and takes pressure off the neck. True beauty doesn't just comes from within. The outside also matters. Show off your curves! Anita offers a wide range of bras and bodies for the silhouette you want – also for larger sizes. The underwear for full-figured women supports, shapes and relieves, without constricting or digging in.

Soft bra straps & bands

Wide, padded straps and soft, elastic waistbands ensure a comfortable fit. 

Comfortable back

Thanks to the special, wide back shape, the back is relieved.

Shaping cups

The perfectly designed cups create a beautiful décolleté with or without moulding.


Which underwear suits which figure?

We can tell you which type of underwear will best flatter your figure and accentuate your curves.

Underwear for your health

What does women's underwear have to do with health? Quite a lot.

Dr Hans-Ulrich Krüger, chief physician at the Department of Internal Medicine/Oncology, Bavarian Rehabilitation Centre Clinic in Freyung, says that "bras can be responsible for a number of disorders involving the musculoskeletal system"Bra straps, for example, can put a lot of strain on the complex structures of the shoulder joint and cervical spine.

When bra straps are too narrow, they can cut into the shoulders, causing inflammation of the tendons and misalignment of the cervical spine, which in turn can lead to tension and back pain. Over longer periods of time, misalignment can lead to joint wear and arthrosis.

You can prevent health problems by consulting a bra fitter at a store near you when purchasing a bra.


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How does a well-fitting bra feel? Find your perfect bra with the Anita fitting Guide.