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We will show you which type of bra best suits your figure and your bust type!

The 9 most common bust types

The slender bust is characterised by slim breasts and low nipples.

Slender bust

Longish, slender breasts with low nipples

The narrow breast usually has its nipples positioned a little lower and the breasts are wider at the top, getting narrower towards the bottom. Women with this type of breast often complain about weak tissue. A slender bust often means a smaller cup size, and it is important to lift and support the breast. Choose a sexy push-up bra, an elegant balconette bra or a bra with moulded cups for additional shape.       

You have an asymmetrical bust if your breasts are different sizes.

Asymmetrical bust

Breasts of different sizes

Every woman has some asymmetry in her breasts and that is perfectly normal. For most women, the difference in size is barely noticeable. Some, however, have a visible difference, which may be problematic in terms of cup size.

As long as the difference in size doesn't cause any health issues, you can use some simple tricks and choose the right bra to visually even things out. Ideal for an asymmetrical bust are bras with removable cups, T-shirt bras, push-up bras and bras with moulded cups.

A round bust has even, full and supple breasts.

Round bust

Evenly rounded, full breasts

Is this your bust type? Then you are one of the lucky ones! This type of breast is perfectly rounded, supple and its volume is the same at the top of the breast as at the bottom.

Choosing a bra for this bust type is child's play, because it needs very little support or shaping. You can choose a moulded cup bra with underwire, a sexy triangle bra or a comfy soft bra.     

A white, strapless bra that will fit under any bandeau-type top and never slips out of place.
A side-set bust carries most of its volume in the outer areas and there is a wide gap between the breasts.

Side-set bust

a lot more volume towards the sides      

Do you have relatively wide set breasts with a significant gap between them? Then this is your breast shape. Quite similar to the east-west bust, your breasts tend to be rounder and more voluminous towards the sides – unlike an east-west set, however, they are a lot fuller and the nipples are more central. 

Choose an underwire bra with good support that gently shapes and pushes your breasts together to create a décolleté. For you, a great choice for a sexy evening outfit is the balconette bra with a plunging décolleté and push-up effect.

An east-west bust features nipples that point outwards and breasts that are positioned towards the sides of the torso.

East-west bust

The nipples are positioned off-centre, pointing outward

Here, the breasts are positioned towards the sides and the nipples point outward towards the left and right. The job of a bra in this case is to bring the breasts back together towards the middle. It is also important to choose a bra without any seams at the sides that could chafe or even damage the sensitive nipples.

A woman with an east-west bust should therefore choose a comfortable T-shirt bra or a moulded cup bra. An integrated side support not only prevents the breast from overflowing to the sides, it also gently pushes the breasts towards the middle for a gorgeous cleavage.

The sporty or athletic bust mostly involves a smaller cup. It has more muscle tissue, is wider and is less plump.

Athletic bust

A muscular, wider breast with less soft tissue

This type of bust is among the less rounded shapes and is usually found on a V-shaped torso. 

The athletic bust usually has a larger underbust measurement and a smaller cup. Women with this breast shape often long for a visually larger breast and plumper cleavage.

These are easily achieved with a push-up bra or moulded cup bra. A great choice for this type of bust is also the balconette bra, because the straps are positioned towards the sides and the integrated half-cups help lift and shape the breast tissue for a gorgeous cleavage.

Luxurious, strapless and black – the variable Padded Basic bra holds and supports the breast and doesn't slip out of place.
The bell-shaped bust has significantly less soft tissue in the upper chest area and plenty of volume at the bottom of the breast.

Bell-shaped bust

Volume in the lower area of the breast

Women with bell-shaped breasts have very little soft tissue at the top of the chest, but a lot of volume at the bottom. This bust type usually needs a bigger cup and the weight of the breasts means that you should look for a bra that offers firm support and a great hold.

A good choice would be e.g. a bra with moulded cups, a balconette bra or  a full coverage bra. The good old underwire bra is an absolute all-rounder. It not only offers perfect support, but also shapes a beautifully rounded breast.

A fullish breast in the lower area, with centred nipples, is called a teardrop breast.

Teardrop bust

Fullish, round breast towards the bottom, centred nipples

This very symmetrical looking bust has the breasts becoming fuller towards the bottom – just like a drop of water. This is a very common bust type for women with big cup sizes.

It is also a pretty uncomplicated bust when it comes to buying a bra. Underwire bras with or without cup not only offer the support this bust needs, but also creates a beautiful cleavage.

There are special mastectomy bras for women who have had one or both breasts removed.

Breast cancer – mastectomy 

Single or double mastectomy

Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in women. That is why our Anita care line deals specifically with the requirements of women after a mastectomy.

Our customised and extra-skin-friendly breast prostheses and compensatory cups offer an easy solution for a visual reconstruction of the bust line.

We also work tirelessly on innovative and new functional post surgery bras like beautiful Basic bras or exclusive, super feminine styles.