The Lingerie Lexicon

Rosa Faia lingerie offers perfect support up to larger cup sizes and also looks gorgeous.


The A-Z of Lingerie

Read our Lingerie Lexicon for everything you should know about materials and fabrics and the various bra types.    



Smallest cup size


Ajour is the name of a traditional underwear pattern.
The delicate openwork pattern in woven or knitted material is created by moving a stitch from one needle to the other.

Animal print

A print pattern in a design resembling animal skins or furs.


A fabric patch that is sewn or glued on for decoration.



The Babybelt is a support girdle that helps alleviate pressure and tension in the belly/pelvic area, as well as twinges in the pelvic region and the back during pregnancy.

Balconette bra

A bra with a half-cup cut that lifts the breast and covers it a little less than a regular bra. Also known as a "Dirndl" bra (named after the traditional Bavarian dress with a low neckline).


Bandeau is a special type of cut that always features removable straps and a high back.


A bikini is a two-piece swimwear item.


A snug-fitting shapewear one-piece, usually with shaping function for specific body areas.


A garment that supports and shapes the breasts.

Bra-sized swimwear

Bra-sized swimwear means that the swimwear is labelled with cup sizes A to I, and not as per usual in the sizes S-M-L-XL.

Breast prosthesis made of silicone

Breast prostheses, aka epitheses, are available in various shapes and consistencies. Full prostheses are used as breast replacement, e.g. after a mastectomy. Cup prostheses can be used for evening out soft tissue deficits and size differences.


The bridge is the connecting piece between the two cups of a bra. 


Briefs are a type of bottoms with a snug fit.


C-shape underwire

The C-shape permits the use of a thin underwire for perfect shape retention that also allows for flexibility during movement.


Charmeuse is the name of a type of fabric with two different sides. The front has a vertical structure (tricot lapping), while the structure on the reverse is horizontal (2x1 lapping). Charmeuse fabric is stretchy and keeps its shape but is still very delicate.

Clean cut

Clean cut is the name of a special finishing technique for fabrics. With this technique, cutting the fabric does not leave running stitches, which means that the edges will not fray. The edges are particularly soft and don't constrain or leave marks on the skin.


Garments designed for a specific season.


Cotton is a skin-friendly natural fibre harvested from the seed fibres of the fruit capsule on cotton plants. It has high tensile strength and is very robust.

Crop top

In contrast to a bra, a crop top doesn't have any specific cups or underwire and is more like a short top.


The cup is basically a receptacle for the breast and comes in sizes from AA to J.



A dart is a pleat that is sewn in a wedge or diamond shape. Placed mostly on the shoulder, chest and waist, darts help adjust garments to the shape of the body.

Digital print

Template-free printing of patterns onto materials



Elastane is an extremely stretchy fibre that is shape retaining, as well as easy to care for.

Elastic lace

Lace with a high elastane content.


Decorative motifs – generally lace – that are worked into the fabric.


An embroidery is a stitched pattern.

Ergoline underwire

Ergoline underwire comes with a special overall curve that better conforms with the line of the torso than regular underwire types. Ergoline underwire can significantly increase comfort, particularly for larger cup sizes.



A single, long strand of fabric.

Firm support

Sports bras with firm support offer secure hold for the bust during medium-intensity sports activities.



A garment insert shaped for a specific use.


Halter neck

A strap that reaches from one side of the bust up around the back of the neck and down to the other side of the bust.


The folded over edge of a fabric that protects the edge against fraying.


Garments with a high waist, which reach or surpass the level of the belly button.

High-waist briefs

Bottoms that reach up beyond the hips and sit around the waist.


Hipsters are briefs that sit directly on the hip and have a straight waistband and attached leg.



A fabric with a large pattern created on special weaving machines.


Jersey is a slightly stretchy, soft knit material with a delicate rib structure.



Knitwear is produced industrially on special knitting machines and is often used for lingerie, lace and mesh material.



An umbrella term for all kinds of decorative elements made of thread or thread with fabric.

Lace embroidery

Lace embroidery is created with threads laid flat onto a fabric and affixed with a number of stitches. Lace embroidery has a three-dimensional look.


Lingerie is the name for elegant women's underwear.

Lingerie bag

Bras are machine-washed in lingerie bags to prevent wear on the underwire and the bra itself.


Lycra is the brand name of a stretchy synthetic fibre.

Lymph O Fit

Lymph O Fit is a special fabric with a nubbed texture against the skin. This texture has a massaging and draining effect on the subcutis and its smaller lymphatic vessels. It activates and improves lymphatic drainage, helps reduce scar tissue and promotes healing. The fabric is available in two qualities (Class I + II) and is used as needed for bandages around the chest or arms or for shapewear and shaping bottoms.


Mastectomy bra

A bra with a pocket-type finish in the cup to ensure that breast prostheses or compensatory prostheses are held in place safely.

Maternity bra

A maternity bra grows along with the breast during pregnancy and offers good support.

Maternity underwear

Maternity underwear is lingerie or nightwear designed specifically for pregnant women.

Maximizer bra

A bra that makes your bust appear bigger.


Microfibre can be manufactured from natural or synthetic materials. It is extremely lightweight, soft and shape-retaining. It is also very breathable and dries very quickly.

Minimizer bra

A minimizer bra makes your bust appear smaller.

Mix & match

Mix & match means that individual bikini or tankini tops can be worn with a variety of bottoms independent of style or size.


Moulding is the thermal shaping of materials.

Multi-functional bra

A bra with variable straps.


Natural fibre

Fibres of natural origin, i.e. from animals or minerals.


Als Neckholder bezeichnet man Träger, die um den Nacken verlaufen.


An elegant and/or sexy nightshirt.

Nursing bra

In a nursing bra, both cups can be opened out individually to expose a breast for nursing, without having to take off the bra.

Nursing pads

A textile pad that can be placed inside the cup of a bra to prevent milk soaking through.

Nursing pillow

A pillow to help stabilise the body posture while nursing. It can later be used for positioning the baby comfortably or as a stabiliser when the baby starts sitting up.


The brand name of a polyamide fibre.



A single garment covering the upper and lower body.

Organic cotton

A fabric made with organically farmed cotton.



In the context of garments: with padding.


Paisley is an abstract pattern with a kidney-shaped form.


In the area of shapewear, a panel is a reinforced area of the garment (either firm or stretchy) that helps shape that particular area of the body, e.g. the tummy.


A panty is a type of small bottoms with a high leg.


A large cloth that can be wrapped or tied around the body to create a dress or skirt.


A continuous pattern covering an entire fabric.


Piqué is usually a cotton weave fabric with a relief texture that appears as if it were quilted.


Evenly pleated fabric.


A synthetic chemical fibre that is usually blended with other fibre types. It has a high tensile strength and is quick-drying.


Polyester is a fully synthetic chemical fibre. It is highly crease-resistant and durable.


A poncho is a large piece of fabric with a hole in the middle. It is pulled over the head and then worn like a wide coat over the shoulders.

Power tulle

Power tulle is an extremely strong, mesh-like fabric. It is used as reinforcement for various garment sections and improves the fit.

Primary care bra

The primary care bra was developed specifically for women who have recently undergone a mastectomy. It is particularly comfortable and skin-friendly, and the fabric helps protect sensitive skin.

Push-up bra

Push-up bras usually have firm cups with half-moon shaped integrated padding to push up the breast and make it appear larger and rounder.


Racer back

An X-shaped cut-out on the back for maximised freedom of movement – also crossed straps in bras, which are particularly popular in sports bras.


A rapport is a regularly repeated pattern.


The ReBelt Panty promotes a regeneration of the baby belly after pregnancy. It helps shape the entire area of the belly, hips and buttocks. It also helps support the belly after a C-section or other lower abdominal surgery.


A ruffle is a piece of fabric that is folded into a series of small pleats.



A glossy fabric with a flowing and smooth feel.


A fabric or garment without seams.


Figure-shaping underwear is referred to as shapewear.

Shaping bodysuit

A shaping bodysuit is a shapewear one-piece, i.e. a bra and girdle with shaping bottoms all in one. It has excellent body-shaping characteristics.

Shaping bottoms

Figure-shaping undergarment made of stretchy materials.

Shaping underwire

These types of underwire ensure more hold and support in bras and swimwear. The rigidity of the underwire varies depending on the material used.


A shorty is a special type of bottoms.


Silicone is a synthetic material used e.g. for the manufacture of breast prostheses.

Soft bra

Soft bras are particularly comfortable. They are made of very soft materials and come without underwire.

Special big cup support

Bras with special big cup support are designed specifically for very big breasts. Their straps, lining and cuts differ significantly from regular cup size bras to ensure that large breasts get the support and perfect hold they need.

Specialist bra

A specialist bra is – just like a mastectomy bra – designed for very special requirements.

Sports bra

A bra worn during sports activities to minimise the movement of the breast and ensure a secure hold (see also firm support, light support and maximum support) 

Stoma swimwear

Bottoms and swimming dresses designed specifically for stoma wearers.


Strapless bras are ideal for off-the-shoulder tops.


Stretch fabric is particularly elastic.

Support bra

Support bras are easily recognised by their wide, padded straps with high transverse stability. They help relieve the strain on the neck and back area for women with very heavy breasts.

Sweat management

The sweat management developed specifically by Anita utilises combined, breathable high-tech fabrics for an optimal skin climate: Sweat is absorbed and wicked away to the surface.



A tankini is a two-piece swimsuit, consisting of a longer top and bikini bottoms.


Terry is a type of fabric with particularly high moisture absorption qualities and is soft and comfortable to the touch.


A thong is a tiny kind of briefs.


Thread is a robust yarn used for sewing.


A triangle denotes a triangular bikini top or bra.


A mesh-like fabric


A tunic is a long, loosely cut blouse.


Underbust band

An elasticated band sewn onto the bra just underneath the bust to prevent the bra from slipping out of place.

Underwire bra

An underwire bra supports, shapes and holds the breast.



Velour is a material with a soft, velvety surface.


A fabric made of very short fibres that create a soft, shimmering surface.


Viscose is a chemical fibre made from cellulose.


A transparent woven fabric made with very fine thread. It is often used in lingerie because of its soft fabric flow.



The waistband is the top edge of a pair of briefs.  

Warp-knit fabric

A knit fabric with a smooth, uninterrupted surface. It considered to be highly run-resistant and shape-retaining.


According to the German Textile Labelling Act, wool is defined as the soft hair of animals – mostly sheep. The animal hair is then spun into wool. 

There are also synthetic wool types that are manufactured from chemical elements like polyacrylate or polyamide. Synthetic wool is very durable and easy to care for and suitable for most allergy sufferers.



X-back bras have straps that cross over at the back.



Synonym for sewing thread


A yoke is a piece of material inserted into a garment


Zigzag seam

The zigzag seam is a way to finish off fabric edges and is also used for sewing stretchy fabrics.