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Breast prostheses: Post surgical compensation

Soft and natural on the skin

Discover our entire range of Anita breast forms and compensation solutions, for full, partial or initial compensation after breast surgery.

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  • Secure and natural feeling
  • Weight and touch very close to the biological breast
  • Natural movement due to  the Anita Flex Gap® technology
  • Tested skin compatibility

Anita care prostheses for initial, partial and full compensation

Breast forms for initial compensation

Foam breast prostheses made of finest microfiber fabrics and cotton are used immediately following mastectomy to protect the sensitive skin. 

Breast forms for partial compensation

Soft partial breast prostheses made of silicon help to rebalance uneven tissue and scars after a breast reconstruction.  

Breast forms for full compensation

After a mastectomy (breast removal) silicon breast forms help to restore confidence and a secure feeling.              

Gentle support for body and soul

You can only appear self-confident and relaxed if you feel happy in your own skin. Women who have undergone breast surgery require special support to pick up the threads of their former lives. At Anita care we are familiar with your needs in this special situation, with our experience and specialist knowledge we're here to help you along the way.

Anita care breast forms are made in our own works in Bad Tölz in Upper Bavaria. Anita is the only manufacturer in the world who also makes silicone breast prostheses with a breathable, textile microfibre backing.

What makes Anita breast forms special? The combination of a natural design and extreme comfort.

Uneven tissue is subtly concealed and any lack of volume is gently compensated. You do not have to worry about feeling strained or restricted. Sensitive skin does not get irritated. We offer you the best solution to meet your individual needs – you can rely on us.

Mastectomy Bras and swimwear products are available for all Anita breast forms and compensations.

Soft touch & natural feeling

Anita offers breast prostheses and partial compensations to meet your individual needs and wishes.

Learn more about our different Anita care prosthetic options, their specific features and how to take care of a silicone breast form.  

Ask for individual and personal consultation at a specialist retailer in your area.

Smooth and natural: Breast forms from Anita 

All Anita breast prostheses are designed to resemble look, feel and texture close to the natural skin using materials such as silicon and polyurethane.  

Both silicon and polyurethane are made from natural materials, are proven to have excellent skin compatibility und ensure best wearing comfort.

Texture and weight of any Anita care breast prosthesis are designed to most closely resemble the natural breast.

Our unique and patented Flex Gap® technology, a fold in the back side, allows the silicon breast to move naturally. 

Anita in-house prostheses production

All Anita care breast forms are made in our own works in Bad Tölz in Upper Bavaria and Matrei in East Tyrol.  

The production of our products  involves different steps of quality controls. In the first step all raw materials of the silicon production get examined thoroughly before use.

Second we test consistency and density of the silicon in our own laboratories. At the end of the production cycle every prosthesis is subject to a final in-house quality check.

This way you can be assured to wear a product to meet highest quality standards.

How to wash your breast prosthesis fast and simple

Cleaning Anita mastectomy prostheses is fast and simple:

To clean your breast form just use water and a little bit of liquid soap or mild detergent and dry it with the help of a towel.

To accelerate the drying of silicon forms with a microfiber lining use a paper towel to dab dry.

Please avoid the use of aggressive or any solvent-based cleaners as well as sharp or pointed objects as they can harm the surface.

To clean adhesive breast forms:    

Use fresh water and neutral soap to wash the prosthesis form and the silicone adhesive pads. Please do not use fabric or paper towels to dry the adhesive strips to avoid residues on the pads.  

Anita care restores women with confidence after breast surgery