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Sport: High impact sports bras for large cup sizes

Highest level of support

Wearing a sports bra in your true size and of ideal fit is especially crucial when you are wearing cup size DD+.

Our high impact sport bras from Anita active ensure the best support possible and are available from under bust band 30 (EUR 65)

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  • Strong support for fuller bust
  • Outstanding fit and comfort 

  • Highest level of functionality
  • Anita sweat management 

Sports bra favourites for large cup sizes

Highest demands on our product standards

"Comfort, fit and sustainability – our greatest challenge is to guarantee

these key factors across all sizes. Materials and product design have to be

perfectly attuned to increasing demands, without compromising the overall

look of each sport bra. Design and functionality blend together in

perfect harmony."

Katrin, Design and Product Develpment for Anita active

Tips for buying a sports bra

  • Make sure to match the impact level of your bra to the intensity level of your sport. We suggest to choose a large cup sports bra from the “Maximum support” category in order to ensure the best possible support for bigger breasts. 

  • Always try before you buy! Firstly not every brand fits the same , wearing a G cup in one brand does not equal the same size in another. Second the choice of material and design also influences the sizing of the bra. Trying on your sports bra helps to make an ideal choice!

  • Don’t be afraid of moving around in the dressing room! A few jumps or running in place will help to get a feeling for the level of support! This test is especially recommended for big cups, since you want to ensure the best pick possible! 

4 reasons to wear a sports bra

  1. With our breasts moving up and down around 84 times while running with an average movement of up to 9cm each step your tissue will appreciate some strong support.... 

  2. Back und neck strain can be prevented by wearing a well  fitting bra

  3. "Fiddling around"? Water under the bridge ! With the right size and style you will never have to worry about slipping straps again!

  4. Motivation boost: Hot, trending colours and designs are the best inspiration to start working out!