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For any size... 

... and body shape. 

At Rosa Faia you find the perfect piece of lingerie for any occasion. Select from bras up to cup size J and band sizes ranging from 30-54 (EUR 65-125).

Body suits, support bras and control briefs from Anita comfort form a beautiful posture and provide support and relieve for those equipped with bigger busts.

All Lingerie
  • Optimum wearing comfort
  • Ideal fit 
  • High-quality materials
  • Cup sizes A-J

5 rules to find the ideal fit

  • The underbust band lies firmly underneath your breast yet feels snug and does not cut in. 

  • The underbust band is positioned along one line around your upper body. 

  • The underwires is placed underneath the bosom and sourrunds the breast.
  • The cup encloses the entire boob,
    there is no spilling in the front nor the sides. 

  • The straps support comfortably without cutting into the skin or falling off the shoulders.

How to measure for your bra size 

Use a measuring tape and start to measure for your band size placing the tape right below your breasts. Then measure horizontally across the strongest part of your chest: for most women the height of the nipples. Make sure the tape is placed at one line horizontally around your body. Comparing under bust and chest measurements results in your cup size: Therefore deduct your determined under bust width from your chest measurements.

We recommend getting help for your measurements since the tape can easily slide and distort the determination of your sizes. Please either ask a friend for help or use our store locator to find experienced fitters in your area. 

When underwear causes health problems

Wearing a well fitting bra is not only recommended due to aesthetic reasons, but also with regard to your health.

Breasts with a size of a D-Cup already add considerable weight on your shoulders. Therefore it does not come surprising that ill fitting underwear can cause serious health problems.

Straps that cut into the skin can affect both nerve pathways and muscles resulting in neck and shoulder pain. Rubbing underwires can cause skin irritation, sclerosis, pressure marks or lead to undercut in tension and back pain.