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Fashion lingerie to fall in love with - Cup A to J

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Luxurious lace 

Delicate lace and detail-loving embroidery, designs tailored for every individual style perfected through expertise workmanship since 1886.  

Functional straps and high-quality materials enhance the wearing comfort and create and pleasant feeling. This is what our high-end brand Rosa Faia stands for!

Rosa Faia Dessous
  • Cup sizes A-J

  • From narrow underbust measures

  • Unsurpassed wearing comfort and quality

Underwear from Rosa Faia 

Our exclusive lingerie brand Rosa Faia was inspired by the beautiful sound of Portuguese female names. We are proud to offer highly functional pieces of lingerie to underline feminine beauty. Following this vision our Rosa Faia lingerie covers a broad range of cup and underbust sizes and offers both seductive and daily wear with attention to quality. Rosa Faia lingerie ensures wearing comfort and best functionality through to large cup sizes with attention to latest trends in fashion.

Five bras every woman should have

Basics that pay off

The favourite blue jeans, a flirty summer dress, a white blouse, the casual T-shirt and an office jacket – basics one will probably find in every woman’s closet.

What is true for your wardrobe also applies to your lingerie drawer: These five basics are worth their investment and round off any outfit. 

After all, an ill fitting bra may ruin every cool outfit. 

Spacer Tshirt bra

A t-shirt bra is made for every day wear: highly comfortable to wear and contouring cups.  

Flirtatious lace bra

A seductive lace bra- looks good on every woman and is an instant boost for your self confidence.

Shaping wonder

Shapewear for festive occasion or every day - figure-shaping underwear helps to conceal problem areas.

Multiway bra 

A multiway bra goes with any top: Straps are detachable and convert the bra into racer back and strapless bra

Sports bra

A well-fitting sports bra that provides strong support and stability for your bust is indispensable!