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Maternity & Nursing: Cup sizes A-J

Throughout all three phases of maternity 

Anita covers all three stages of pregnancy and provides high quality products to support new and expecting mothers


When your regular clothes create a restricting feeling it’s about time to shop for pregnancy wear.


Our maternity bras expand and grow with the body to accommodate the changes your breasts will endeavour during and after pregnancy.


After giving birth, your bosom again increases in size.

The earliest date recommended to start looking for nursing bras is the 8th month of pregnancy.  

Nursing bras from Anita, give you best support, a secure feeling, form a beautiful outline and make breastfeeding easy. 


Growth and additional weight provide stress to the body.

To support the regeneration of your body, Anita maternity offers various solutions. 

ReBelt Pants, Babybelt  and shapewear help to strengthen and conceal  stretched tissue  to promote a fast recovery.   

A new life is groing, a little more every day, for nine months. As the days approach, your tummy and bust will slowly get bigger.

Products from Anita's maternity grow with your body and make sure that you have the best possible experience throughout your pregnancy.

All items have been created with your comfort in mind – expandable high-quality materials ensure the best wearing experience possible.

Anita maternity looks back on 50 years of experience and expert know-how – attention to detail ensure our products with outstanding quality.