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Maternity bras and lingerie for expectant mothers

Comfortable support and elastic materials

Pregnancy underwear by Anita maternity offers functional underwear which supports the growing breast and provides pleasant relief.

Soft, wide straps and stretchy materials help support the tissue without squeezing the breasts. Our pregnancy bras expand with the bust and are available up to cup size H.

Maternity wear

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Why wear a maternity bra?


The soft and elastic material offers the increasing bust size enough space to grow. Seamless, pre-shaped cups lie soft on your skin and prevent from chaffing. The integrated breast support gives the fuller growing breast ideal hold and supports it comfortably.


All Anita pregnancy bras are equipped with adjustable straps. For our maternity bras we use nickel-free adjusters to protect you from skin irritations. In larger cup sizes, the straps are wider to relieve neck and shoulders.



All pregnancy bras by Anita Maternity are adjustable in size with multiple rows of hooks and eyes, so that the bra usually fits until the end of pregnancy.


Our advise:

Buy the pregnancy bra on the narrowest hook and the cups to well enclose the breast, so that there is still enough room to grow. The elastic material expands with growth.

When to wear a pregnancy bra?

The increase of hormones, promotes breast growth throughout the pregnancy.

The breast starts to grow with the first month of pregnancy, but is particularly pronounced in the second month. By the end of the third month onwards we recommend switching to a maternity bra. Choose a larger size with a more flexible design to give you and your growing bust the support and comfort it needs. How much the breast grows is individually different for every expectant mother and also depends on her habits.

A maternity bra embraces the often-aching breasts and offers support and relief without pressuring. As soon as the regular bra begins to tweak, a maternity bra helps to support comfortably and expands with the growing tissue. 

Many women also wear maternity bustiers to support the breast while sleeping.