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Large Cup Sizes: Sports bras designed for larger breasts

What makes sports bras from Anita active best for large cup sizes?

Our high quality, comfort and support are only a few of the things Anita active is known for. Our thought through designs have been recognized with several international prizes

For your ideal fit our sports bras feature:

  • Additional hooks and eyes to adapt to your body
  • Cushioned straps that can be adjusted to your needs
  • Designs to spread the weight evenly across your upper body

Strong support for sensitive tissue 

Not only is a high-quality sports bra vital for all runners, but also a must have for any high impact activity. Since the female bust is made of sensitive breast tissue, wearing a sports bra for additional support is highly recommended - Breasts are not held together by a muscular system but merely held in place by tendons and ligaments.

No matter what size you wear, a sport bra does not only support your tissue but also helps to maintain an upright posture

Did you know that...

during a 1,000m run the bust moves up and down up to 90 metres! Wearing a high impact sports bra can reduce this movement by up to 80%.

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