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Functional & Trendy

Our sports bras received several awards for their functionality and modern design. 

Sports bras from Anita active are comfortable to wear, the use of high-functionality fabrics provides body-regulating "sweat management".

Sports bras
  • Maximum support
  • Outstanding fit
  • Cup sizes  A-H
  • Functional fabrics
  • Moisture absorbent technology

Five features to characterize a good sports bra

If you are a sports enthusiast or planning to become one, a high-quality sports bra is always a clever investment. Here comes our 1x1 of the characteristics, a reliable sports bra should bring along:


The underbust band sits slightly tighter than with a regular bra, it is elastic and fits smoothly against your upper body. Our styles create a pleasant fit which add a light push-up effect for a sporty but sexy look.


To counteract an overstretching of the sensitive breast tissue, Anta active sports bras are made of high-quality, firm materials. These give the cup strength and withstand high impact movements.


The cleavage area of a high-quality sports bra is cut higher than that of a Tshirt bra. A good sport bra keeps the upper chest close to the body, without restricting and lends additional support in the chest area.


Our sports models come with few but soft seams that lie apart from the skin. This prevents from any skin irritation and distinctive feeling of wear. The soft and seamless inside feels pleasantly on your skin.


Sports bras from Anita are made of breathable materials and provide a pleasant skin climate during and after sports. Our "Anita Sweat Management" ensures sweat absorption and transportation.

How to choose the ideal sports bra?

The choice of sport usually sets the intensity level: With jogging and riding the impact on the chest is much higher than during pilates or yoga. This is why you should already check the support level of your sports bra while purchasing. Our models come in different support levels: maximum or medium support, depending on your sporty requirements.

  •  The cup section of your sports bra is the area which adds the most support. Support for the cups comes from the underbust band, which sits firmly around your upper body. Make sure that the band does not cut in, but provides firm support for your breasts: this way you ensure the best support for your breast tissue. 

  • The straps of our Anita active sports bras are adjustable and allow for customization - the ideal fit can be achieved when the straps neither slips nor uncomfortably dig into the shoulder area.

  • Our advice:

    Test before you buy!

    Jump up and down in front of the mirror and shake your arms. If the sports bra fits properly, it stays in place. Also check your mirror image:  in the side view your breast tip ideally is placed at the height halfway up your upper arm.