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Support Level: Sports bras for different intensity levels

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    Extremely strong support for high impact sports

    Good support for medium intensity sports

The Anita intensity level concept

  • Our sports bra with maximum support (highest support):

    Bras in this category meet the requirements of high-intensity sports such as: jogging, horseback riding, tennis and other racket and ball sports. They provide extra strong yet comfortable support and are perfectly suitable for women with large and heavier breasts.

  • Our sports bras with firm support (medium support):

    Bras within our firm support level are particularly suitable for all sports with a medium intensity level - they provide firm hold without giving you a restricted feeling. These bras are the ideal choice for sports with a low to medium intensity level such as: Pilates, yoga, golf or nordic walking.

Did you know?

On a distance of 1000 meters and a running speed of 12km / h, the breast moves up and down about 84 meters.

Wearing a sports bra from our maximum support range can reduce breast movement by up to 78%, minimizing the impact on the sensitive breast tissue 

The special features of an Anita active sports bra