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Step 1: Measure for your underbust size

A) Place the tape measure just below the chest. Make sure it runs horizontally and at the same height around the upper body, ribcage and back . Let your arms hang in a natural position beside your body and breathe normally.

B) Slightly pull the measuring tape to get a comfortable but snug feeling. If you get an odd number, round to the next even number.  (Example: If you have measured 88,2cm round down to 88cm. Round up to 89cm if you measured 88,7cm)

C) Move the slider below to meet your measurement.

Step 2: Measure for your cup size

A) Place the measuring tape horizontally around the fullest part of your bust - usually at the tip level. Make sure to position the tape in a horizontal line across front and back and stand in an upright position.

B) Pull the tape slightly and breathe in and out. Let the tape slide to a comfortable yet snug position.

C) Adjust the slider to the measured position.

Your determined bra size:

- -
This result is primarily intended to serve as a reference point. Every woman is unique and so are your breasts. Not every style and brand fit the same way. What's most important is that the bra fits comfortably and you feel convenient wearing it. 

Our tip: Try on different bra types and sister sizes (example: If your result is 80D the respective sister sizes would be 75E and 85C)

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