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Question put to Christina, Swimwear Designer
How long does it take for a bikini to finally land on the rail?

"It can sometimes take an entire year. The 2017 collection has just been completed and I already have initial ideas for 2018 floating around my head! If I start to create a new model now, there's a good chance it will be finished in about a year. We always put perfect fit and support first. This is why we put a lot of energy and time into developing our products to perfection."

Question put to Katja, Designer for ROSA FAIA
How many collections have now come from your hands?

"We don't view a collection as coming "from my hands". We work on the collections in a design team. As design managers, besides having specific focus areas, we often think outside the box. This allows us to incorporate our wide knowledge base into our collections. Every season, we develop a new range for ROSA FAIA and add new articles to already existing ranges. I would therefore say that I have designed around 18 ranges for ROSA FAIA."                                           

What is the most challenging aspect of your work?
Katrin, Designer for Anita active: 

"We place high demands on our products and aim to ensure comfort, fit and sustainability – consistently across all sizes.

Materials and product design have to be perfectly attuned, without detriment to the overall look of each model. Design and function have to blend together in perfect harmony."