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Like a second skin!

"The sports bras are unbelievably comfortable – they feel just like a second skin and I always feel great when I'm training. I have of course recommended the Anita active bras to all my friends taking part in the Lake Constance women's run – they are also huge fans of Anita. ,-)"

Verena Eugster                               

Initiator of the Lake Constance Women's Run


What women want!

"I have the Anita momentum sports bra and matching panties and I can't praise them enough! In the meantime I have bought the same bra again, as I am constantly wearing it. It really is the best piece of kit you can wear under your running clothes. It also looks brilliant when you're getting changed before or after a competition."

Susanne Krzywicki

Diving School Owner

Anita fan

"I have happily worn Anita bras for a while now. Ever since I started testing products for ANITA, I have only worn their underwear. What I particularly like about Anita is the quality, the care taken during development and, of course, the look of the articles."

Elisabeth Fischer, Anita tester

Optimal comfort

"I really appreciate the fantastic fit, the pleasant material and the high-quality tailoring that go into an Anita bra. I tend to wear underwired bras from Rosa Faia because they sit perfectly, look wonderful and are a pleasure to wear."

Corinna Siersch, tester and Anita model

Always packed and ready!

"As a very active sportswoman with a D cup, a good sports bra is essential to me. I searched for years but was never completely satisfied with the models I found. Either the level of support was lousy, it's fit was terribly or it quickly felt damp. And let's not even get started on style... Fortunately I then discovered the Anita sports bras! They are the best sports bras I have ever worn; I'm completely satisfied. Despite sweating, I still feel dry; there are no painful grooves thanks to the wider straps, the breast are given a good shape (no one-piece rubbish as you get with many other sports bras) and the seamless interior fabric used in the bust section means there is no chafing.

I choose whichever model is best for the type of sport I want to do. The Anita sports bras are also fabulously designed. I'll happily flash the straps under my T-shirt!"

Gaby Buchner-Dietl

Bike Guide Lady Bike Camps

Fits like it was made for me!

"I love this bra! At first I thought it would never fit. I'm normally a 95 C. I've now tried on the 90 D and it fits sooooo well!"

Antje Kramer, Downhill Champion