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Behind the scenes

Our responsibility

At our production sites all around the world, hundreds of employees are busy sewing Anita and ROSA FAIA articles, paying special attention to optimal fit, highest comfort and first-class quality, every day. This is a tough and demanding job, but one that is also honourable.

We therefore owe it to our employees to actively take responsibility for our workplaces and for the working conditions at the sites. Especially also in our Thailand and Myanmar plants.


Our local working conditions

Showing respect to ANITA employees is part of the attitude and philosophy adopted by owner Georg Weber-Unger.

This is important in our manufacturing sites in Portugal and the Czech Republic, and even more so in our Thai and Burmese production plants. Clean, light and hygienic workplaces with state-of-the-art equipment and optimal climatic conditions are a matter of course. As is the medical care of our employees and support in the case of illness.


A personal desire of Mr Weber-Unger is also to provide meals for our employees. The high quality and nutritional value of our food really are down to the boss!

Regulations are in place at all of our plants. There are agreed breaks and fair holiday models and we do not work on weekends or bank holidays, which is a real luxury in Asia in particular.

We also offer regulated and easy ways for our employees to get to work. All our sites are set in among beautiful scenery, surrounded by idyllic nature and located away from typical business parks.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at our Asian production sites and form your own opinion on the working conditions at our Thai and Burmese sites!