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With just a few exceptions, everything at ANITA comes from a single source: from the first sketch to the final stitch, we produce everything ourselves. Despite having grown to become a large, global company, many of our processes still resemble those found in a small workshop – a real handicraft business!

The production of an Anita bra or swimsuit is very time and work intensive. There are dozens of tasks and techniques involved in transforming a couple of cut pieces of fabric into a precisely fitting and comfortable Anita article.

The idea marks the beginning – the culmination is the finished product!


The designers at ANITA take their inspiration from trade shows, samples, travels and directly from the suggestions and wishes of hundreds of customers. Trend books from France, Italy and the US are also drawn on as a good resource. Initial mood boards are then created: large collections of trends and tones which provide guidance for the coming season. In addition, trend colours are chosen which always flatter the skin tone in terms of lingerie, much like choosing colours for make up.


Once the collection has been roughly outlined, it is time to start drafting individual styles, ranges and articles. At ANITA, the wearer's needs and, e.g., ways of guaranteeing comfortable support in large cups and sizes, are factored in during the design phase. Such aspects have to be considered in the early stages, when selecting materials and choosing the cut of the products. This is the only way in which we can create articles with outstanding fit and comfort!

Cut preparation

Once the articles and ranges have finally been decided upon, a cut is prepared for each separate size and cup. Depending on the article, up to 50 individual cuts have to be prepared. Other companies take the easy route here by "grading up", which means they chose one size as a base for the cut, e.g. 75 C, and then add so many millimetres and centimetres to every size increment. This is easy, but results in a bad fit! We, on the other hand, look at every cup and size separately and calculate the optimal cut. Our tailors juggle everything around on the PC and on real women until the cut sits perfectly.


All Anita articles are tested again and again on different women, also in real-life situations. This is not at all easy as no two women, or product testers, are exactly the same size. Following a week's holiday, measurements may well be a little different to what they were before. We are therefore constantly measuring and correcting – a vital stage in achieving excellent fit.


Cuts and tailoring

Once the Anita articles have made it through the testing phase, it is time to move on to production. Separate pieces of fabric are first cut here. This is similar to cutting biscuits from dough. The various pieces are laid out on top of each other in many layers on a huge table and cut into different shapes: the cup, the back section, the front panel, the straps, etc..


These individual bra sections are then "brought to life" by our seamstresses all around the world. With their technical skills and years of experience, they add hooks and eyes for opening and fastening and make sure that the underwires sit under the underwire band and that the under-arm section is securely hemmed in. This is how your bra or swimsuit gradually takes shape.

Final inspection

Before the final Anita or ROSA FAIA product leaves our house, a detailed, 100 per cent final inspection is carried out. Each individual article is inspected by the expert eyes of our colleagues with a view to the material, seams and exact dimensions. In doing this we guarantee completely reliable and outstanding articles which you will love wearing for a long time to come!


After leaving our production sites, the articles then make their way back to Kufstein in Austria, where our logistics centre is based. Around 1.2 million lingerie and swimwear articles are stored here in thousands of cups and sizes, ready to be dispatched to our worldwide partners. As a rule, it takes one to two days before the desired article finds its way to our specialist retailers and customers.