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Materials and suppliers 

Whether Swiss embroidery or French woven lace: only the highest quality materials and accessories are used for Anita and ROSA FAIA lingerie and swimwear.

70% of our suppliers come from Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland. Around 30% of our fabrics and additional sewing supplies come from Asia, although this also includes the Asian branches of our European suppliers – the majority of which are based in Thailand.

We purchase all the materials needed to make our lingerie and swimwear articles from these approx. 160 suppliers: stretch fabrics, lace and elastic bands, yarns, fasteners, tulle fabrics and edging bands.

We have built up trusting relationships with many of our suppliers over decades and very much appreciate these partnerships: we can count on their quality, environmental friendliness in production and a creative collaboration during development.


We have a global reputation for offering products with ideal fit, highest comfort and first-class quality. That is why we produce everything ourselves: from the first sketch to the final stitch.


We inspect all the materials we use. Every metre, every roll! This is the only way we can confidently satisfy our demands on quality.

In addition to this, every finished Anita and ROSA FAIA bra undergoes a detailed final inspection before being packed. This ensures that you receive a top quality, truly reliable and absolutely flawless product.

We are constantly setting new standards in our industry thanks to our quality and inspection requirements.