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Castelo de Paiva: Production and Sales & Distribution in Portugal

ANITA Portugal
Confeccoes Lda. 


Production and Sales & Distribution

Employees: approx. 150


Elisabeth von Altenbockum

Sales & Distribution:

Claudia Schreff

Apartado 22, Lugar de Felgueiras,
P-4550 Castelo di Paiva/ Portugal

Tel.: +351 21 392 81 98

Working on the Atlantic coast

Lingerie has been produced at our plant in the Portuguese town of Castelo de Paiva since 1990. The location near the River Douro in the backcountry of Porto is stunning. Elisabeth von Altenbockum has managed the production site from the very beginning.  What she loves about her work is "the responsibility, and also flexibility, demanded of us on a day to day basis." Despite her passion for Portugal, Elisabeth von Altenbockum still has close ties to her German home.