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Chonburi: ANITA Thailand

ANITA Co. Ltd.


Procurement, Pre-production, Production, Development and Sales

Employees: approx. 300


Georg Weber-Unger

Stephan Seidel

Tambon Nongree, Amphur Muang
Chonburi 20000/ Thailand

Tel.: +66 38 26 57 00

Setting up a new life in Thailand

Compared with our plant in Myanmar, which is purely set up for sewing, Thailand is a fully integrated and structured, stand-alone company. It functions as our headquarters for ANITA Asia and offers a variety of functions and services.

Stephan Seidel, originally from Rosenheim, Germany, has managed the site in Chonburi since 2006. "All functions are basically set up as they are in the European headquarters in Brannenburg. The production structure is already advanced, while design and development, as well as sales, are still fledgling areas. As the clothing industry in general has seen a notable shift towards Asia in recent years, our Asian subsidiaries and, in particular, the headquarters in Thailand have considerably gained in significance. The Chonburi site is set to be used even more as a development and procurement platform in future. Not only for the production of articles here in Asia, but also for the headquarters and European markets.

Although Stephan Seidel's heart may well lie with Germany and his hometown not far away from the ANITA headquarters in Brannenburg, he has taken the conscious decision to set up a life for himself in Asia.