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Herálec: our sewing plant in the Czech Republic

ANITA Moravia s.r.o.


Production and Sales & Distribution

Employees: approx. 200


Dr Clemens Friemel

Elisabeth Volárová

Herálec 89 
592 01 Herálec/ Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 566 653 611

The birthplace of our sports bras

Our sewing plant is located in the Czech village of Herálec, between Prague and Brno. It is managed by Elisabeth Volárová, who has been at the plant since 2007. Lingerie and swimwear has been manufactured here with a focus on Anita sports bras since 1997.

Production documents drawn up at the headquarters in Germany specify which lingerie and swimwear products are to be sewn. The approx. 200 members of staff are sent the cut articles with all the necessary extras (yarns, elastic bands and fasteners). The articles are then split up among the different task groups and produced by hand using special sewing machines.

Our Czech plant has close links to our headquarters in Brannenburg. The two sites are in touch on a daily basis, discussing matters relating to production, bookkeeping and personnel issues. Around two thirds of employees come from the small village of Herálec, the rest from nearby villages.

For Managing Director Elisabeth Volárová, "the work never follows a set pattern; there are new challenges every day, whether relating to production, staff or the articles themselves. Only 30% of the day can be planned, the rest of the time is spent dealing with whatever comes up during the course of the day."