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Kufstein: worldwide logistics

ANITA Dr. Helbig GmbH (A)


Central Warehouse, Logistics and Sales & Distribution Austria

Employees: approx. 100


Georg Weber-Unger

Georg Weber-Unger jun.

Johannes Weber-Unger

Logistics Manager: Andreas Perktold

Warehouse Manager: Salvatore Landolfo

Endach 40
6330 Kufstein / Austria

Tel.: +43 53 726 97 03 33

1 million bras and swimsuits from stock!

Anyone who walks into our Kufstein premises will not fail to notice the unique working environment and extraordinary Tyrolean warmth. Clean, light workstations spread across 10,000 square metres of work space create a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere for the 100-plus employees.

Up to 15,000 articles are received and packed every day. On average, this means up to 65,000 items arrive at the logistics centre every week. Once delivered, the items are sorted onto shelves. Around 900,000 lingerie articles are stored there with a further 300,000 swimwear articles expected before the end of the year.

The ordered items make their way out of the warehouse via conveyor belts – between 25,000 and 30,000 shipments a month. This makes for around 4 million articles leaving the logistics centre bound for retailers and specialist stockists in Germany and abroad.

Logistics Manager Andreas Perktold makes sure that all the necessary processes run smoothly. He is responsible for handling customs and dispatch and has been at the company for over 30 years. His right-hand man is Salvatore Landolfo, who is responsible for managing the warehouse, storage, goods receivable and packing the delivered articles.

Andreas Perktold enjoys working in logistics as the field is constantly developing and always has something new to offer. "We are rather modest, however I would say that without a modern and well-structured logistics system, a company the size of ANITA would not exist. What matters to us is being able to offer top-notch delivery and service!"