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Matrei: Europe's highest altitude lingerie factory

ANITA Dr. Helbig GmbH (A) 



Employees: approx. 75


Georg Weber-Unger

Georg Weber-Unger jun.

Johannes Weber-Unger

Production Manager Silicone:

Arno Mattersberger

Production Manager Textiles:

Hans Klaunzer       

Natalis-Obwexer-Straße 15
A - 9971 Matrei in East Tyrol

Tel.: +43 4875 67 96

1,000 metres above sea level

Europe's highest altitude lingerie production site in Matrei, East Tyrol, is found in the midst of romantic scenery, with a wonderful mountain backdrop. It all began in the parish hall next to the church in 1962 with the first sewing samples. Six people were involved in producing the first bras in Matrei. It was not long before the site began to expand; the company moved into a new building in 1967. By this time, staff numbers had grown to 40 employees. Two well-needed expansions later, around 75 members of staff are now employed in Matrei.

Lingerie, swimwear and even part of the breast form range are produced here. We continue to be the most important employer of women in the region. Ties to our company are also reflected in the fact that three generations of a family are sometimes employed at the site.

Arno Mattersberger, production manager for silicone since 1999, is also a second-generation staff member. "Besides its beautiful surroundings, Matrei is also known for its uncomplicated attitude to work and loyalty to the company," says Arno Mattersberger. Matrei is also popular with the "ANITA family" as a place to rest and go hiking.