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Production in Yangon, Myanmar

ANITA Asia Ltd.



Employees: approx. 250


Georg Weber-Unger

Stephan Seidel

Thudamma Main Road
North Okkalapa / Yangon, Myanmar


From Rosenheim to Yangon

Stephan Seidel has been Managing Director of ANITA Asia Ltd. in Myanmar since 1999: "We are a production plant that deals purely with the sewing side of things. The plant is supplied with pre-cut fabric and accessories from Germany and Thailand; the articles are then sewed and finished here in Myanmar."

As manager, Stephan Seidel sees every day as a new opportunity to inspire his Burmese team and to produce Anita and ROSA FAIA articles with the best possible fit and in excellent quality. Stephan Seidel's greatest challenge is, however, "to be equally responsible for the sites in Thailand and Myanmar. This takes a disciplined approach to planning my professional and private life." Besides the interesting living conditions in both sub-tropical countries, the two completely different cultures and mentalities are what really add to the appeal of living there.

Despite his passion for Asia, Stephan Seidel still has a strong attachment to Germany, his home country: "I really appreciate the fact that I can return home 2-3 times a year and see my parents and friends," he says.