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The Anita Vision 

There is nothing more important than a well-fitting bra!

For years now, we have concentrated on achieving optimal fit, quality and comfort in our various articles. We have no plans to stop improving and perfecting our products. Besides practicalities, we also focus on the fashion element of our products. Rather than succumbing to the trend of the moment, we aim to create a "classic chic" look - with designs and styles which are relevant not only now, but which will also look great in years to come.

Furthermore, our products should enhance the quality of life enjoyed by their wearers. We have spoken to hundreds of women over the years. Not only can a high quality and perfectly designed bra give its wearer a sense of security, it can also put a real spring in her step. There is nothing more enjoyable or important than having a well-fitting bra!

With respect to ANITA as a company, it goes without saying that we want to ensure fair remuneration and optimal working conditions for every one of our employees around the globe. We employ over 1,500 people worldwide, who in turn represent 1,500 families. This is a huge responsibility!

All in all, we hope to take as much pleasure in our work and daily challenges in the future as we do now. Considering the fact that some of our employees have been with us for 40 to 50 years, "taking pleasure in our work" should be a universally valid statement! Another aim of ours is to work in a way that spares as many resources as possible. There is enough plastic lying around at the bottom of the ocean without us adding to it!