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Lingerie for large cup sizes

Beautiful shapes

Our specific Big Cup bras do not only lend the bust with beautiful shape, but also guarantee outstanding support.

Being specialized in large cup sizes we concentrate on ideal fit and perfect support every time we create a new bra style.   

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  • Underwear for fuller figures
  • Cup A to J
  • Ideal support and highest comfort
  • Also for small underbust sizes 

Large cup bra favourites

For every body shape

"The greatest challenge in my job is being able to sense what our customers want and need before they even know themselves. And when these different wishes and needs become clearer, the next challenge is being able to then pool them all together while still achieving the perfect fit. Our aim here is to be able to cater for as many different shapes and sizes as possible."

Katja, Designer for ROSA FAIA Support Underwear & Lingerie

Discover our sports bras and swimwear through to large cup sizes.

NEW: Big Cup Bra Lupina

Beautifully shaped bust 

Bras for large breasts can’t be sexy? – A thing of the past! With our lingerie range for large cups sizes we proof that having big breasts does not mean you have to compromise on style.  

Our prim example: Our new full cup bra Lupina. Available from underbust size 30 (65cm) through to cup size J introducing a new cut especially developed to meet the needs of big busted women.

Next to its new and unique cut, is the design which adds another highlight! Subtle embroidery in the shape of flower petals and a petite satin ribbon create a breathtaking cleavage.    

Big Cup ≠ Big Cup - Fit is key! 

A well fitting bra is essential when you’re wearing a large cup bra. But what exactly makes the difference between a specific full cup bra and a regular bra? We summarized the most important features of our latest big cup bra style Lupina:  

1. The tailored cups (4-sectioned)

Besides soft yet firm supportive materials the cups of our big cup styles are characterized by their uniquecut.

In contrast to customary bras Lupina features a four-part cup, rather than a regular three-part cup. This allows reducing volume along the side and provides the breast with a more round and centered shape.

The wearer therefore experiences increased freedom of movement; the boobs are beautifully and symmetrically shaped creating a slimming effect for the upper body. 

2. The frame

Create some cleavage: The frame between and around the cups is set up high to ensure the required stability, but at the same time slim to separate the breasts without letting them fall apart. 

By the way: If you have the impression that your breast tissue is very soft, try a contour cup bra to support a rounded shape. A contour cup lends great support and provides a perfected round shape. 

3. The straps

The straps of a four part cup are placed slightly more centered compared to regular bras preventing them from sliding off the shoulder. The towing ratio therefore gets shifted towards the center of the breast.

The straps are also sitting more centrally on the shoulders and therefore cannot slip. This and the wider design enhance a comfortable soft fit and ideal comfort – all day long!

4. The back

The back is reinforced with additional lining. The additional support prevents this area from getting worn out which would also cause slipping straps.

The all-round power mesh lining ensures overall firm support through to the sides of the bra.