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Swimsuits: Bathing Suits Cup Sizes A-H 

Shaping one-pieces in trending designs  

Swimsuits from Anita and Rosa Faia are known for their excellent fit and wearing comfort. Our swim collections go by bra and dress size to guarantee true and comfortable fit.

Shaping elements and clever colour accent make for a slim waist and conceal problem areas. 

Find modern and shaping bathingsuits for regular and plus sizes in our collection. 


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Swimsuits - more fashionable than ever!

Stale and boring one-pieces? Long gone are those days!

With colourful luxurious prints and solid coloured statement pieces - the one-piece is more trending than ever.

Flattering designs, playful ruffles, and bold colours make swimsuits a feminine statement this season. Choose swimming costumes with front zippers or V-neck to add some sexiness.

Whether high or low neckline, high or low back - swimwear by Anita and Rosa Faia has the right swimsuit style for every woman. Choose from a variety of styles such as a halter neck swimsuit with foam cups, strapless bandeau bathing suits or regular straps. Within all collections, you also find one-pieces with and without underwire.

Anita comfort offers a variety of swimsuits for plus sizes, Rosa Faia covers the large cup sizes up to H cup. Both lines offer shaping bodysuits to control curves for an optical slimming effect.

Select one-piece swimwear from size 10 to 24 and cup A to H.

Combine with our cover-ups for a stylish beach bar look. 

Swimsuits for a slimming look: 

Body sculpting materials and designs 

For a flattering outline, Anita swimwear uses special functional fabrics and textures to create a slimming effect.

Additional linings in tummy and side sections work slimming and set the limelight for your curves. 

Flattering colours 

Slimming swimwear does not compromise colours and prints – it’s the use of them that makes the twist. 

Exciting patterns, vertical stripes or dark side areas optically extend the torso and conjure a slimmer waist. 

Clever accessoires       

Ruffles, knots, brooches and patches and attract attention and let you highlight your best parts. 

Then a tankini might be what you’re looking for! The two piece offers coverage like a one-piece bit can be adjusted for tanning.

This two-piece falls around the stomach and hips, also has very nice and small cuffs around the waist.


Sporty styles 

A sports swimsuit has to meet especially high requirement. First there’s the fit, it should sit tight on the skin without creating a restricted feeling.

Second there is the material, which should be salt and chlorine resistant.

For our sporty styles we carefully select materials that do not transparent when wet but at the same time stay elastic and dry quickly. The soft touch material feels pleasant on the skin and allows full range of movement.   

The adjustable straps can be hooked for a  cross-back, to give your arms and shoulders the maximum freedom of movement while swimming.

Side panels e create a sporty and slim silhouette. 

Comeback of a classic: The swimsuit

The history of the swimsuit goes back to the 19th century. In the wake of the boom of spa baths around 1850, bathing culture and thus swimwear flourished with it. At that time, first "bathing dresses" made of percale, flannel or serge appeared primarily for the reason to not show too much skin.

In 1903, the first bathing suits of wool and cotton jersey were produced. The downside of the material was that when wet, they became heavy and dried slowly. It was not uncommon that women needed to be saved from drowning, as their heavy bathing suits pulled them under water.

Consequently, in the 1950s, nylon was used for the first time to replace wool and jersey. In the mid-1960s, the two-piece "bikini" became popular, which increasingly supplanted the one-piece swimsuit.

Over the last years, the one-piece enjoys increasing popularity. With modern cuts and bold colours, the bathing suit is more trending than ever, also with the younger generation.