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Breast Care - Post-surgery bras, swimwear and breast forms

Highest wearing comfort

Our post surgery bras ensure secure fit and a natural feeling. Breast form pockets prevent the silicone prosthesis from slipping. 

Feel secure & natural

The Anita care range emcompasses symmetrical and asymmetrical as well as full, partial and initial breast forms.

Swim in confidence

Swimwear to precisely fit all Anita care mastectomy prostheses: Pocketed Bikinis, Tankinis and swimsuits in trending designs.

What does Anita care stand for?

Every year 1. 7 million people worldwide are diagnosed with breast cancer - a life changing diagnosis. In this new and difficult situation Anita care wants to support women affected by breast cancer with products to restore confidence and well-being.   

Our long standing experience – and cooperation with women who have been diagnosed- makes Anita Care a specialist in the area of post surgical solutions. 

Anita care not only develops breast forms, matching post surgery bras and swimwear, but also offers specific products for post surgical treatment.  

Whether a patient has had breast reconstruction, reduction or removal, breast surgery always requires follow-up treatment and care. Anita care has dedicated its products to meet these needs. Therefore the care range includes specific products to support a fast healing process such as compression bras and bandages to prevent from lymphedema.

  • Natural fit and secure feeling

  • Best wearing comfort

  • Highest quality standards

  • Fashionable designs and feminine looks

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The Anita TriProVita Concept

Prosthetic bras, swimwear and breast prostheses – the combination of these three products creates the Anita TriProVita concept.

The term TriProVita originates from Latin and translates into “three for life”. All designs are exclusively developed by Anita Dr. Helbig GmbH and manufactured in our own production centers.

You can also be assured that the TriProVita Concept was also designed with high quality standards in mind:  Anita mastectomy prostheses ensure a natural look and feeling. The Anita pocketed bras or Swimwear guarantee secured hold, outstanding fit and unsurpassed wearing comfort. 

The origin of Anita care

Dr Christine Weber-Unger, mother of the current owner, was a key figure in creating lingerie and swimwear products for women who have undergone breast surgery.

She went the extra mile to learn about the needs of women with special figure situations and went on to develop special products which would help such personal circumstances.

The special care bra range was first introduced in the 60s following a case of illness within the company, which led to a colleague having to undergo breast surgery. Dr Weber-Unger began to sew fabric breast forms using simple materials which were filled with rice.

The first bras containing pockets to hold breast forms were also designed at the same time. The first liquid-filled breast forms were then developed and sold at the end of the 60s.

The idea of using silicone to fill a casing made from material which closely resembled the skin, thus achieving a much more natural breast form, came about in the US at the beginning of the 70s.  The idea was picked up on by Dr Weber-Unger and perfected to maturity for ANITA.

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