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Mastectomy bras: Comfortable feeling and modern design

For a secure feeling

Discover our complete range of post surgical bras with breast form pockets. The  use of thoroughly selected materials and specifically adapted patterns make prostheses bras from Anita care highly functional, secure and fashionable at the same time.  

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  • Outstanding wearing comfort and highest quality

  • Fashionable design and best functionality

  • Perfectly matching to all Anita silicone breast forms

What makes prosthesis bras from Anita care special?

Post mastectomy bras from Anita care are characterized by their high quality standards, because Anita cares about your wee-being. To constantly ensure you with a secure feeling, all our breast form bras are designed to meet your needs after surgery:

Secure hold:

The specific design includes a higher cut, elastic neckline which ensure confidence and comfort. Therefore the breast prosthesis is securely contained and does not move or slip. 

Breast form pockets:

Every post surgery bra from Anita care is equipped with two breast form pockets, one on each side. The pockets are made of particularly soft cotton material, micromodal or microfibre, materials which feel natural and gentle on the skin. Our breast cancer bras feature a slightly deeper underarm area to conceal any scars and allow the bra to sit comfortable. 

Padded Straps

With a larger size of the natural breast, your breast prosthesis will also become heavier in weight. To take the weight off your shoulders, the straps of all Anita care bras increase with the size range. This allows the weight to be distributed and provides relief for your shoulders.   

Optimum comfort

The center of our Anita mastectomy bras is slightly deeper to ensure a separation between natural breast and the prosthesis. The wide and ergonomical underbustband ensures freedom of movement and a maximum level of comfort for the wearer.

Bra wardrobe essentials from Anita care

Your complete bra wardrobe from Anita care

From the initial surgical bra over the ultra comfortably every-day prosthesis bra to the mastectomy sports bra: Be assured to find the perfect companion for every occasion within our wide assortment of fashionable and functional pocketed bras from Anita care.  

How to wash your post surgery bra

Please read the instruction on the attached care label carefully in order to fully enjoy your Anita care underwear for the longest time possible.

Just like regular bras, post mastectomy bras from Anita can be machine washed at a temperature of 30° Celsius. Please make sure your washing machine is switched to the delicate cycle. If your machine should not have a delicate cycle you may also use an easy-care program in combination with mild detergent. 

Please do not use fabric softener when you wash your prosthesis bra, as this may harm the fabric.   

During the washing cycle your bras are kept best within a laundry bag. Hang or lay out your underwear to dry and please do not use a dryer or expose your bras to direct sunlight as this will speed up the wear and tear of your garments.