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Prostheses for partial compensation

During a partial breast surgery the breast loses volume. Soft silicone shells are the ideal choice to regain the body’s symmetry. The thin edges allow a smooth transition between prosthesis and skin and therefore ensure all-round comfort and a secure feeling.

Any partial breast form can either be worn directly against the skin or inside any Anita care mastectomy bra equipped with soft pockets on both sides. 

For professional consultation, please contact your nearest specialist store. Our store locator will help you with the search.

Here you can see a selection of prostheses for partial compensation:

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1056X2 Fashion

  • Patented microfibre technology: Breathable microfibre fabric creates a gentle and pleasant skin climate 

  • Smooth balance for the entire chest area

  • Compensation of environmental and body-related climatic conditions  

1046X Sequitex

  • For compensation of tissue defects all over the breast

  • Soft, thin edges ensure smooth transition to the body

1046XV Sequitex Vario

  • Silicone compensation breast form with adhesive pads

  • Soft and thin edges for smooth body transition

1057X Equitex

  • Silicone shell with thin edgings

  • Variable medical fleece filling 

  •  Allows for filling up to the size of an ultra light weight breast