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Large Cup Sizes: Beautiful underwear for DD+

  • Anita large cup support
  • Cup sizes A-J
  • Underbust size starting at 30
  • Relieving design

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5 myths about large breasts

It is impossible to practice sports with large breast? No way! In the following we are uncovering five myths you don’t need to worry about if you are busty.

Myth 1: Large bras can't be sexy

Anyone who believes big cup bras necessarily come with broad straps and in unattractive shapes is entirely mistaken. Although wide straps provide relieve for shoulder and back, with a well-fitting bra the back and cup area provide stability and balance off the weight of the breasts. Underwear with additional bust support between in cups and carefully selected fabrics provide support in the cup and back section and enhance a pleasant feeling on the skin. 

Myth 2: Women with bigger breasts shall not wear strapless bras

False! Just as mentioned above the support does not only come from the straps of the bra. Our multiway Bra “Padded Basic” from Rosa Faia achieves stability through side support and provides optimum fit through to G cup.

Myth 3: Running and big boobs do not get along well 

Nothing can hold your boobs from bouncing whilst jogging or horse riding? Our high impact sports bras provide a maximum level of support during any high motion sports and are available through to H cup. With our high impact sports bras line everything stays in place. 

Myth 4: Bikini =Torture

Wearing a bikini sounds like torture to you? Probably this is due to constantly worrying about your heavy bust to slip or uncomfortably ill-fitting bikini tops? Here we can help:  Swimwear specifically designed to meet your specific needs. Pretty designs and additional “big cup support” make the beach a pleasure again! 

Myth 5: Differently sized boobs are uncommon

Don’t worry! Different sizes are absolutely common and nothing to worry about. Hormones and other factors, for example pregnancy, cause irregularities and change our “two best friends” every now and then. 

Do you really wear the right bra size?

We are wearing our bras every day, up to 17 hours.

Our bra is a trusted companion, providing us with support, relief and presents us from our best perspective. In order to do so, a bra needs to fit flawlessly and must not cause any discomfort or spilling.

Between you and me: Are you always being honest with yourself when it comes to bra sizes?

Women with smaller cup sizes tend to choose a larger cup size, while those of us with equipped with s larger bust believe that a smaller bra helps to hide their true size.   

Get measured by a specialist

Wearing the wrong bra size can cause serious health problems, such as chronical back or neck pain. Visit a specialty shop to get measured for your true bra size before going bra shopping. Getting measured should not only happen once in a lifetime but stay aware of the fact that our boobs change over time.

Besides the expert fitting you should also keep in mind that:

  • Not every lingerie brand fits the same
  • Before and during our menstruation the breasts can swell and appear bigger
  • Quality pays off: Don’t choose price over quality – you will feel the difference
  • Put our bras to the test: Move and shake your body when trying on a bra. This way you can test whether your bra stays in place when you move